Sunday, September 02, 2007

Living the liberation

I need to write something that I believe is traitorous but true Feminists need to stop blaming men for the stupidity of females and I mean the bubble headed blondes of the conservatives..I grew up working class and in the barrio and am mixed race I am a radical and proud of it ... I was raised to be a conservative in a religion that is at best called fundementalist..I am a radical and My sister is referred in the family as the madonna of Bellflower and a republican. I honestly believe that if you are working class male or female and a republican you are a fool and have allowed others to do your thinking for you. The problem with continuing to blame patriarchy is that we must start to blame the agents of patriarchy the mothers for their part in the raising of people so foolish that they would vote into office people that would murder their sons and daughters by proxy by starting a war and then make them feel good about the murder by pumping the soldiers family with empty phrases of national jingoism and religious elitism..The Sad thing is once you reach 18-years old male or female you need to learn how to think and how to think for your self or you spend your life as pathetic as Dear Rush regurgitating Dad's racism, sexism and classism while chug-a-lugging Hillbilly heroin.

The crux of the matter is we live in a country trapped by Mom and Dad's superstitions and hatred and worn out religion all the while to scared to let go of their love and regard and believe me they know how to manipulatie the little one to believe what family party line is...Or why do we have Mel Gibson saying that his father never told him an untruth.. Social Conservatives families raise their children to be naive and childlike to authority. Why because they are authoritarian? And to them indoctrination is the way to educate not learning knowledge. Knowledge gets you kicked out of pretty gardens. THe child's welfare is not important as much a the parents continued belief in the party line that they learned from their parents.

Even worse than intergenerational conservatives are the newly converted conservative.. but all these people believe that they can turn back the clock a return to simpler and nicer time by taking something away from someone with less power than them..Instead of realizing that they are scapegoating people,behavior or naively finding solutions to society's problems by restricting behavior(ususally of the female sex). Some of their solutions are absurd and scary.

While blithely believing that broken homes and a complex societal interactions will be fixed by a teenage girl signing a pledge and living in a modern harem until young amercan fascist can marry her and keep her in her place. One Wonders when the glow of purity balls fades and tarnishes if these young women will soon find harsher methods used to insure purity.. Like honor murder or attack here and there.

But I am exaggerating, I hope..I have always had a sneaking suspicion that social conservatives in the US always envied the radical conservatives of the Middle East..Nothing in watching their behavior has caused that suspicion to be allayed.

We are living in a time of crisis WE do not have time for fairy-tales of our parents..The rich and powerfull are evil, if simply for the fact that they refuse to accept hard truths and force humankind into a measure of responsibility starting with the people that made an obscene amount of wealth from the destruction of the environment.

Remember these people were born of women and women had input in the rearing of them..So IN this time of crises women must man the breaches and especially disabuse ourselves of fairytales of the past..we do not live in a time that we can raise children to believe in sloppy logic and fairytales. Nor can we teach them to assign blame to the powerless or simplistic thinking in face of the hard complex issues that need to be solved..The human race needs to grow up and get smart. Every individual needs to think for themselves or die because at this time if you snooze it will not be you but that small child or grandchild of yours that loses...What a terrrible legacy of destruction we will leave them..Just like one our parents left us that hampers and makes harder the cleaning up we need to do. Environmentalist were screeching at our parents and all that our parents did was teach us to hold them in contempt and call them tree Hugger..This alone should prove that those that taught us to be conservative were either too dumb to realize and/or neither particularly cared that the next generation would have live with the harm done to the planet. A generational truth about the true concerns of parents and the welfare of the child, in which a fairytale of destruction is more important and entertaining..Than the work of leaving ones children a planet they can live on and prosper. It is more important to force an Abused deity to peform a cosmic miracle than to leave ones children with enough clean air, water and wildlife to survive..The height of selfishness from the family values set.

Friday, August 31, 2007

cnn- and asia

I was a coming downstairs to see how my husband is doing, he had surgery on tiuwsday and was being kept up by the pain.. I heard the news on Cnn stating that bags of potatoe chips had been sent to the Usa laced with poison an acid, but also others. I know that I am a small brained Savannah female, but is it not dangerous to place in the hands of a foreign country the manufacture of ones food. It seems also dangerous to use a country that is Idealogically at war with a Capitalist country like the USA. But that is just a Observation I guess corporate america and the president know better.. Or maybe the population of the world is such that a little thinning of the herd from contaminated food is not something ,the Powers that be, care about.
I see something that might be disturbing to the Chinese elite. It looks as though the proletriant paradise is producing good little worker bees that seem to be taking a great deal of enjoyment out of embarassing the politburo with product tampering,,,Maybe China is not that stable a financial investment..It seems even amongst the asians, working in sweatshops with sweatshop pay and conditions is not appreciated... Just because the Government appproves of sweatshops does not mean the workers in them approve of being abused and exploited...I think that they enjoyed watching the elite heads roll at the scandals and now they just are product tampering for the hell of it...It is not as though the products are going to anyone that cares about them or are of any help to them..

Monday, August 27, 2007

Good bye Kitty

At one time in my life I used to get Psychology Today religiously..Now I avoid in partaking and a recent article by male behavior psychologists is the reason why..Unfortunately the article is and will spawn a book that unfortunately lazy thinking people will believe asnwers all the question on why women are treated like shit and why it should be continued and Most important Why Males and society in general need not feel bad about it.

My first question to the author is aren't there any rats that are in dire need of torturing that intelligent people need to wade through the garbage that your spotty logic has come up with to explain complex interaction of males and females..

Why do men like big boobed bleached blondes? Because the represent youth and thus males love jailbait..Not because Playboy and its Ilk have turned Bleached blonde with large breasts into an erotic fetish for the average male. There is nothing natural about Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe they are artificial, I doubt a caveman would know what to do with them..

As for blonde hair that signifies wealth and is a status symbol not a symbol of youth. IN ancient until renaissence time Blonde hair signified that a women was a prostitute and of low moral fiber.

Well the article goes ad nauseum about how frat boy behavior is inherent in males.. And excuses it on evolution and the savannah, Never has a place been so abused by pop-psychology as the Savannah. Of course women must now in mass bleach their hair and become a mans 12 wife because we profit by polygymy..I truly wish pop culture would stop shoving polygamy down female collective throats..My belief is that if A man has numerous wives even rich he would still spend less on you simply because they are wives not wife. I will take serial monogamy over polygymy any day.

Another point suicide bombers need to get laid but cannot because all rich men have taken the women. I have always believed that religion and not the savannah had a great deal to do with it. But Heaven forbid I am just a little female and my small savannah brain might be over heated by trying to write and think at the same time. That must be left for the men and their bigger brains.

Well after reading this tripe A few weeks ago group of behavior psychologist again lacking any rats to torture set out to find out why women like the color pink..Undeterred even by their own evidence it seems among most modern females the color lilac to lavender and/ or red to wine are perferred..We like Paris Hilton pink because we once gathered the food on the infamous Savannah,,we gathered food,,we like the color pink...I have yet to see a fruit that is the yucky color of bubble gum pink they are Again trying to collectively shove down FEmales throats. it is enough to say Goodbye Kitty.

I now believe that we must start a Fund,a Charity to keep behaviour psychologists well stocked with rats so the population no longer needs to read this drivel masquerading as science.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Faux pas

Well I need to admit that I have gotten confused about the full moon and believed it a week earlier than it should be. Does that make me a Bad Pagan no, Just a confused one but it does show that I might not be ready to practice magic or lead ritual until I get head out of my bottom.. Which I really do not mind as I prefer to be the circles baker and cook instead of magician.

blessed be, merrie part from the hinterlands.

Friday, August 24, 2007

a name and rose gardens rose

I just got off of Philospher's playground and I started thinking about semantics and the difference brought up the naming of act like killing and murder..Murder connotates a crime where as killing can be anything from state execution to self defense..a generic catchall..Like calling the murder of a young woman an honor killing instead of an honor murder as if it is parental discipline taken a tad to far..As though parental massacre is ridiculous and some teenagers are vexing enough to kill. As though young women are family property to do with and thus it cannot be murdered if a family kills one. It is like calling Domestic Violence, spousal abuse and not spousal attack..Attack is direct and shows premeditation, abuse gives the picture kicking the wife around like an old shoe or dog... something one carelessly does to ones property..Not something one should do but if it happens no big deal..With the term abuse comes the unconscious judgement, of what the vicitm did or why the victim allowed it..Not the truth that the prepatrator at that moment spurriously attacked a supposed loved..Abuse allows those effected to wallow in blaming the victim. Whereas No one really ever asks to be attacked.

Another site a British cop female of course gave a satirical and cynical manual on what a victim must do to get a rape conviction, being a trained rape crisis center worker I can say the satire is dead on right. All though the male commentors on the sight found it hard to believe a female may-be raped by a male..PC Blogg- twentieth century police woman or man I forgot which.

It is sometimes not hard to see, why going gay seems the way, in face of such male stupidity..I must say I am happy to be married to a man who loves the fact and will enlighten people to the fact that He is a lesbian trapped in a male body and a butch dyke no less. So at home I do not have put up such Male driven Idiocy.

Well I went to the gym this week after not working due strenuous volunteer work.. I found that Fox News is still catering to paranoids and that obese people have a Virus that makes them fat on CNN. It was a miracle the announcer looked as though he had an AHA moment in which a Prejudice Paradigm switched and Compassion entered for fat people I love seeing that on the News those quiet AHA annoucement no ponderous sermonizing or a saw the light witnessesing but a simple change in spoken attitude..It made getting to the gym at 5 in the morning worth it/

Well merrie part from the Hinterlands and Blessed be
As the full moon goes so may continued prosperity of all last in its waning. Hail Selene.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The English Patient and class ethos...

I saw the English Patient today for the first time I tried the watch it yesterday on cable but decided to rent for a more closer viewing as I was watching it with my husband and we like to make cogent observations about films when we watch them..and the English patient is a film that needs to be watched the first time closely or in the isolation of a dark theater.

The first observation of my husband was what were all these upper class blokes doing in the desert. My comment was that back then rich trust fund babies were usefull as they had time on their hands and could explore things and map them unfortunately Satellites have destroyed this use of rich folks. Now young Upper class blokes trowl the titty bars(excuse me Gentlemen Clubs) instead of the sahara or the congo or the amazon.

I did like the movie even if it was depressing..unlike Elaine I did enjoy it.
But romantically the upper class romance was over the top and overdramatic and a bit cheesy...The people I related to were the soldiers the nurse Hana and the bomb detail members and Willem Defoe's character reminded me of a family member..I found their lives and their tragedies the most moving and the most beautiful..It seemed as though the WAr and its daily horror bonded these people so closely and yet with the final grateful end of victory comes the end of that bond..With relief comes the time to remember, comes the time to seperate, life for these characters will never be the same.. The count and Katherine are the death of the old world order of aristocrats and their supposedly noble endeavours..The count dies and with him the dramatic and entitled love..Hana suicides him for he and his character are no longer relevant in the post war europe..Hungary will lose its counts and countesses to a proletariant world of communism..Hana and her small friends are the future..The count and the Cliftons are the past..IN the fiery crucible of WW2 the colonial world of Britain is destroyed and the Noble largesse of the English Patient and his love disappear...Why is it that goings on of our betters always seems more romantic and more dramatic..Their sufferings more tragic and their motivations more noble...

Merrie part from the hinterlands

Saturday, July 21, 2007

edwards incites envy in the beating heart of mankind including pseudo-male coulter.

I am a sittin and a readin hullabuloo a political web site on it a story about journalistic ethics and their, the press corps, none to subtle attempt to tank Edwards campaign. A nice looking man that seems to cause little shmendric reporters hearts beat with envy and petty viciousness. I wonder exactly where the public got the Idea that they could trust the press to tell you the truth about anything...Occasionally a social injustice might be so grave that it elicits a outrage and one of them goes on a campaign but that is a rare occurance..once in a blue moon a ethical man that happens to good writer who is apolitical in loyalties will appear on the scene..But most of these people write what the owners politics and beliefs are. Shading their stories with what the Man wants on paper..COme on Yellow journalism was born and bred in america...A Blogger will tell you honestly what their political leanings are and do not pretend hypocritically that they are sancrosant and unmoved by political or financial agendas. The press cannot even come close to such honesty...

Well the mantra about Edwards is he is a Hypocrite because he is rich and wants to help the poor..Bad EDwards such a class traitor, just like the Hollywood liberati...Honest rich people want to exploit the poor, women and coloreds of all stripes, including their mixed raced bastards. Heaven forbid, there has never been any rich people so treacherous as Edwards...I believe that the press has forgotten about the new caring conservatives in office that cannot seem to buy Kevlar vests for soldiers and fortify the armor on their Humvee's yet slash at any given moment the taxes the rich pay... Because the rich suffer so much more delicately and more refine pain at tax time, than shot-up and blown-up soldiers.

Yes the press had hit it on the nail the rich do not care about the people of the lower classes..America is beginning to look more like Versailles in Louis time that the republic of the common man..soon the tribal drums will start beating and the wheel will turn and the new jacobins will appear on the american landscape and maybe 5,000 dollar handbags will be the rallying cry for outrage when it finally enters the america consciousness that they are the poor not the rich and to support the wealthy in their exploitation of the poor is being a class traitor despite what the preist or the preacher say...

Merrie part from the hinterland.. working to return america to the common man, one step at a time. one sacred cow at a time...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

skewed judgment

Well I was on Feminsting as I read a came upon an interesting blog one on judging women and use of judgemental opinion as driving force in public policy concerning women's issues....Someone did a survey about women that have ordered PlanB and their opinion about it being available to women over the counter...they thought it was a good Idea except that some women might use it as an excuse to party down and fuck everything in sight. These are the amorphous women that inspire around the world religious regimes and mysognist societies to do horrendously physical acts and pass evil barbaric laws that affect all women in order control these shadow women...These are the women that men see when they rape a little teenager in a mini-skirt because she is asking for it...These amorphous baby-eatin, dog-fuckin, cock-destroyin, castratin She monsters that society must be protected from...Unlike the nuclear bomb buildin, destructive, womin-hatin, sexually assaultin, murderin, doggin He-monsters that rarely affects society and wrecks havoc. It is the sluts we need to worry about and not the insanity of the male species. I suppose that these women with these fears of the Plan b pills never thought that women they fear will misuse the pill are the ones least capable raising children and are the ones the should given or put on contraception as quickly as possibly, do not pass go...But then we would be promoting promiscuity instead of protecting infants and repressing sex is much more important than protecting a child..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

in the crucible of war Who is the enemy?

On the Fourth of July there was a bitter melancholy at watching America Celebrate a country that I once loved to the point of beleiving inane and delusional political beliefs that I held because I wished to protect America..In my youth I once thought Before the TRilogy of Idiocy that I partly participated the REagan, Bush and Bush theocracies. I was proud to be american to be born here, Now I realize that the help of my Goddess and a accident of tragic luck. None my good fortune now that has occured because of my ex-political beliefs and of ex-friends and family. For if they had their way being another Vet under the Freeway overpass would have been my fate..I think that they would relish the sympathy of that. Than having to accept the fact that getting federal help for a disability service connected is easing a leftist liberal ingrate.. Conservatives love to wave the Flag tell people how patriotic they are, but when it comes to raising the salary of soldier or the fact they always are working to limit Veteran Benefits they are not infused with generosity even should I imply christian charity ...A few months ago I read about a Vet that is being hunted in a military witch hunt because he wore his cammies at a protest, despite removing insignia which makes his uniform Illegal and not a uniform. Complaining a pundit of the right, groused about the fact that the VET was so ungrateful to Bush for his gift of camoflague wear(and a all paid trip to the middle east) the said vet should summarily lose all his Veteran Benefits..WE are so generous to our patriots, the freedom ain't free class, that now they have their wish Veteran's no longer have their freedom of speech for fear of not getting medical help.

But I read the post on the blog Group News Blog about the fact that in Iraq there are more paid mercenaries in the employ of the US of fact 160,000 about forty thousand more that fighting US soldiers there.

Much of the talk about War crimes swirl around these Mercs. Exorbitantly paid Mercs and Below minimum wage paid US soldiers it still the underpaid warrior showing any true compassion to the Iraq's but to them merc or army they still considered America soldiers..

Conservative will use false platitudes to see that every one knows they love the troops..But in their mind like the deserving poor, there is also a new class, the deserving Veteran.. If they could help the deserving veteran with right attitude, religion and even war wounds and filter out all the shwalele. Then caring and conservatism would be so much easier, kinder and caring conservative.
Merrie part from the Hinterlands and behind enemy lines in the battle to return America to Freedom and greatness. One state at a time, one court battle at a time. FReedom ain't free until your freed.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Never giv up!!!!!

Today I have reading about the live concert and how some people are wondering if it is a futile gesture towards helping Mama Earth..that it might not accomplish any thing...The thing about gesture metaphorical, political or literal is that they are things remembered later long in to the future by those who view it and at many times very effective on the ones that at the time were least able to do something about the problem being expounded by the gesture.

When I was young I remember a EArth DAy celebreation on the network TV channel I think it was ABC...It had all the newest stars Meryl streep and Beth Midler doing skits trying to reach middle america and give them the newest science about pollution and the destruction of the environment...So youngins if an oldster tells you they did not know about global warming and et al..when they voted for the trilogy of idiocy, REagan,Bush and Bush they are lying it was out there in prime time Family hour with with pretty Stars playing out skits that explained and made environmental science so family friendly even an evangelical could understand it..

I became an environmentalist because of it..Also the people who argue for using the Age old slash and burn technology of the past to develop the third world>Use such illogic in their arguments you wonder if they learned their debating skills at Liberty U.

At these venues you do learn alot of info about the small things you can do at home..During WW2 alot of homebound americans did little things that helped change the course of WW2..IN the battle to end the destruction of GAia it will also take alot of small things and inconveniencies to win..But it is not impossible and Live Earth is the way to get across to people that in everyday life you can make a difference ,for if not, then we either live in denial or swallow a bullet..

Friday, June 29, 2007

all in youur head or bed

Well today on Hecate is an article about the ex-members of exodus that gave an apology to gay persons for belonging to a organization that believes you can pray away Sexual Orientation...But america is a strange country they believe one a can pray away Addiction and send addicts to 12-step programs and a then disappointed when only .08 of these people are cured or control the illness. Americans love to exorcise the mentally ill and then are surprised when not Jesus, but anti-psychotics ten years later down the line cure and control the problem the only demon there was the one called Bio-chemical defiency, oh my what is the Aramaic name for that.

IN america there is a belief that if it is strange or percieved as immoral it is done completely at the will of the person doing the behavior....Why because self Matyrdom is a great love of americans...I could eat that hamburger and be fat, but I have discipline, poor me, evil fat people... I could be gay but I like to stup women, evil bitches, evil gay men..For being a country that is supposed to be so noble and so generous, we really have little true compassion for others and since it is de riguer to be racist or anti-semetic: homophobia, sexism and fatism is now acceptable to preach and practice....even in pagan podiums..the idea that a woman might want to be treated as human being and might not want to practice malnutrition as a way life, to accomodate some men and thin women thus allow them to feel validated, or a women or man not want to stup each other is so radical it must be stomped out with shame, ridicule and law> one wonders exactly what Freudian horrors lie under the subconscious of mainstream america OHH to be the forensic psychoanalyst that studies early 21st century america what a fetid core they will digging up to scruntinize...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Low down and lido

All New-Agers All Pagans All Buddhists...
Christians believe there is only one way to heaven Through christ..One way to achieve salvation and redemption through Christ to be called a Christian one must believe that...The people running the Christian Churchs all believe this or whyforeall would they be sending Missionaries to Hot Humid places but to make more christians not for the Missionaries health and relaxation... People who do not believe this are apostate and disliked and feared by church hierarchy...So liberal Christian support corrupt entities keeping their mouths shut and their wallets open..ANd those running church cynically throw them a Ecumenical bone once in a while especially during Holocaust memorial services (because we pagans caused the event, the new Spin, no need to beg as much when apologizing)...Much breast beating bonding with Jewish Bethren and pointing the blame elsewhere.

There are no liberal christian churches except for Quakers and Unitarian Christians not even 15%of the christian community are these groups..

What is happening to a political Pagan in Maine Rita is happening with tacit approval of the christian community I doubt the political entities of the christian church are crying out at the abuse of a Pagan by one of their orgs..There may be good people who called themselves christian that are horrified, but ARE most christians really that horrified??? They abruptly stopped donating money to the Kennebec democratic Commitee when it was learned they were run by a Pagan...How much is this wing nut and how much is it that christian community stands by its bigoted and intolerant people and organizations

Monday, June 25, 2007

REbellious or growing up

I read an article in the new herald of a christian sect I sometimes read what they are saying just to touch and know what is going on with the dark side...A little bit of yoda exercising....There is a trend among so-called christian intellectuals and pseudo-liberals to tell pagans and others and also imply that we Pagans are middle class spiritual adoloescences futily rebelling against the maturity and wisdom of the church..

I see it another way I am really not rebelling but growing up... The old fairy-tale and hat tricks no longer sell...Why does god hate women?? The answer because of EVe, is no longer acceptable...Why is my buddhist grandmother's soul going to hell?? pray she finds jesus is not acceptable...No pagans are not rebelling they have seen the light and are growing up

Merrie part from the hinterlands....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy Dearest gave me his ring

Once again stories about Purity Balls are showing up in my environment..I have a big problem with this new custom that the fundies want society to embrace...The Idea that Purity can be coerced in teenage girls in pretend pseudo-incetous environment and bribing the girl with gold rings and princess ball gowns. At a time when these girls should going to proms with young men and learning how communicate with the male sex... these girls are dancing the night away with daddy and get pinned to daddy dearest....But seeing where this is coming from I am not very surprised at the emotional incest being perpetrated with these girls and their fathers.

IN the mid- 80's I was in the recovery movement in Los Angeles and I went to ACA meetings...ACA=Adult Children of Alcoholics or really any dysfunctional family would do. I learned there that the people that quoted the saying put the fun in dysfuntional were Asinine morons in denial or looking for attention...I really became grateful for the fact the whatever excess my family had and childhood abuse I suffered it was much smaller than the burden life had put on other poor souls..There in those meetings many dealt with child sexual abuse and many came from very religious families but in Los Angeles the amount of people suffering was a moderate minority of people..

I moved to the bible belt in the mid-nineties and it did not matter what recovery group I was in there was many people mostly women who qualified to call themselves incest survivors or survivor of childhood sexual abuse....There was no ACA to help them deal...But plenty of Christian Therapists to make certain they were sedated enough and remain christian enough for the Bible Belt....Alot of these women listening to their stories one could find that church was always in the background of the incidents...Many of the perpetrators were in the same church or religion and the religion nearly always denigrated women and viewed them as handmaiden to men....All were terrified to speak up when young because they were afraid that family and church would see them as unpure(that they had commited an sin that needed to be kept quiet to protect the family)...Now these young girls the inheritors of the mantle of handmaiden are being exhorted and bribed with a great deal of money to stay pure and never forget their first love DAddy...The problem is what happens to the girl that does not pass the purity test. What are her psychological problems in the future...Or do fundementalists just want the hymen intact..Another funny thing when I see the pictures of praticipants of these events they tend to be uber-white blond girl with hollywood thin bodies in white ball gowns...It is as though there is a tacit agreement amongst the fathers that fat girls do not count and those daughters can stay at home because the fat has nuetered them sexually....Are fundamentalists really that vain and stupid or maybe they did not think anyone would notice.

Oh well merrie part from the provinces

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fat of the Land

the American Sexuality Magazine has a Article about Women and their feelings of vulnerability in the public place...I need to say that a great number of women deal with the vulnerability with one quick and easy way weight gain. I have done it this way and I have seen many women Molested in childhood or raped as young adult deal with it as weight gain.. I have always wonder if the hatred and contempt that fat people generate in their thin counterparts due more to envy by thin people than anything else. I know from being a thin person and hearing other thin women state that the fear less for the safety of fat friends than thin ones in things like waiting for them enter there houses safely after dropping them off. I see this envy in modern fashion mag when an socially conscious editor brings in a story about Fatism(Yes the discrimination of fat people) it is innudated with letters stating that fat people need to grow up and lose weight..Is the need to be vicious to fat people because we can no longer can be openly mean to someones race or sex or sexual orientation and still be thought of as a thinking person...or is it that being thin is a burden and hard work and can place one in danger from violent sexual perverts..And it disgusts us that we cannot eat and are in danger..and push come to shove are thin people really that healthy especially with all that smoking..These little thoughts percuolate in the thin..leading to hostility and matyrdom of the slender..

oh well merrie part from the hinterlands...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh the Shame of iT!!!!!!!!

Well today I was busy matting a large quantity of prints and packaging them for sale ... so when I finished with the computer and the printer I went downstairs to assemble them while listening to the Television..It was a sad night on the dish...I have a weakness I like true crime shows it comes from my childhood my father was addicted to True Detective Story magazines and I got hooked at an early age.. It got to the point were the liquor store guy would see me coming to buy soda pop and he would have the new mags laid out ...of course my father padded my allowance in case I found a mag he did not pick up it was a win win situation..

For years now I troll the channels looking for shows that I never seen before there aint that many out there....But I am an optimist when it comes to tv I grew up with 7 channels as a child so tv.. now days is bountiful and thank Goddess documentaries are popular nowdays..Unfortunately the court tv was all reality shows today and not any cases when I was watching..

So I put it on Nancy Grace and yes she does care about the victims but I know why she is not a prosecutor anymore She has no objectivity...Innocent before the law until proven guilty is a concept that she failed to learn in law school watching her makes you glad that real witch hunting is a dead sport nowdays unfortunatley Nancy's show proves that metaphorical use of the witch hunt in real life is alive and well...

I learned watching court tv is that the old Russian proverb Never marry a Deacon or a priests son is correct...If I had a nickel for good church going women who gets rubbed out by her husband I would have a Mutual fund acct by now.... If I had a nickel for how many good church going people who go on to massacre small town loads of relatives and friends before a savvy detective looked beyond the facade of respectability I would have a sizeable IRA going...

I learned if you are a Goth, vamp, pagan or have couple of Dion Fortune books in your library and the police show up on your doorstep you might as well give away your belongings because your ass is heading to death row with no get out of jail card even if you find Yahweh in the ninth hour..these are the lessons one learns from true crime literature in it all the victims go to sunday school and If a pagan does the crime its the religion of polytheism that is at fault and if a Monotheist does it might be Satan..Unless you are muslim all bets are off on them..

Paris Hilton is the fourth Sign of the Apocalypse at least that is how conservative pundits are acting or may be she is the Anti-christette...Liberal pundits are all clicking their tongue like a bunch of old Marxist Grandmothers and pretending to be shocked and horrified...A female Celeb goes to jail for a few days For sassing a judge and it is the decline of the western civilization. While male celebs have declared open season on their wives and people shrug their shoulders, Oh well. Dui checks Spousal murder... Paris is the villian not OJ, Barretta or Spector.. She is the reason we are decadent and deserve end times...Yeah Like all this moral indignation about Paris As IF any of the people screaming bloody murder at this event would not if they were in Paris's shoes call in all debts and find A way out of jail..Yeah Little Princess Hasselback like your ass wouldn't be at the phone calling abc and Barbara the minute you hit the station..America Grow up A woman in Northern California was Gang RAped with Three witnesses willing no demanding to give statements and it is not going to be even investigated...Paris is not the Problem it is a country in which Crime against women are viewed as inconsequential and Female delinquencies recieve outrageous attention worthy of gang rapes or sadistic murders... Attention that most rapes and murder do not receive because the victims are women..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Gee maids

I have been reading the blog Hecate and I love it because I always am forced to think when I read it.. one of the entries was about Womb envy and a blog written by Josh Whedon on the Stoning of a Woman in a part of the world that still loves to publicly practice virulent Woman Hatred/// Unlike other parts of the world that like to practice it privately. Since women do have some financial clout in these areas and stoning them to death is contraindicative to a healthy economy and consumptive spending.... A dead and bleeding woman is unable to buy a Five thousand dollars purse..Hecate pointed out the frustration men have at womens power to procreate and I agree that it is a main component of misogny but in a world becoming rapidly overpopuplated I see womb envy as less of a driving component to misogny...I see what Socrates pointed out in ancient times that without misogny and the denigration of women other societial institution such as slavery and racism would not exist...

IN teaching men to view the people most close to them Mother, Wives and sister as other and less than it teaches men to view other men as other and less than.. ALLowing Class structure to form, ethnocentrism and eventually enslavement of other men...For the enslavement of mothers, wives and sisters allow men to easily enslave themselves and allow them to become tools of those in political class system.

But the enslavement of women allows another tool of the elite it works as a safety valve it allows the disenfranchised male and the enslaved male a servant...As a women you are always servant or Handmaiden.. But even a male slave can have a woman to push around..even the lowest male on the totem pole is still one up on a women...Mysogny would not be so enshrined in human kind if it only answered males envy of procreation more than that it allows them to feel superior at least in one area in Mysogny any woman can have a child it takes a penis to be a man.

Friday, May 18, 2007

bye bye

Well good ole Jerry is gone...I really am keeping away for the whole news about him..I do not believe just because you die automatically we forget immeadiately what an ass you were..Rehabilitation of a person reputation and character by death smacks of hypocrisy by the rehabilitators and really does not do the dead any goood they are dead , WHo cares? When my husband told me Falwell was dead I immeadiately told him, I do not want to enjoy this event... I have purposely kept my mind on not celebrating or wish any dire underworld event occur to the man, but I can see why others would enjoy celebrating..the man was an ass in biblical proportions in believing and saying Cruel demeaning and Hateful things about others..In turn others should feel the right to do the same to him especially those he speciously attacked...After crowing at REagan's death I am purposely keeping quiet about Falwell's.. IT is not conducive to raising good energy to gloat and I have been doing energy work..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

nattering and ranting and blessings

Yesterday a fashion Mag entered my possession the mail person brought it and today I went on a Marie Claire binge as I had not read any of them for 3months..It is a good mag and tries hard to be politically savvy. Unfortuantely amongst the writers is a faint whiff of contempt for feminism while trying at heart to be feminist in helping to better the women's lot in life around the world..This is the conundrum, the last thing women want is to be tarred with the any hint of feminism... It is like the women who want equal protection in the work place but politically distance themselves from the clear-eyed people trying to achieve it ... They want the benefits of feminism but they do not want the ridicule that comes with being a feminist.(abit chicken shit of mine and the next generation). It is as though we fear that good-looking and charming sexist will not want to be with us If we show some back bone and political radicalness..

I cannot chastize without admitting during the 80's I back down from feminism and sucked in my gut and bit my tongue and married a Charming sexist..It got after 5 years, me being kicked out and on my parents doorstep...Of course in therapy for being a recalcitrant woman because that is what we do to troublesome women. They are sent to therapist or 12-steps...What I needed was consciousness raising exactly what poor Britney Spears and dear Lindsey LOhan need...

A little black belt feminism goes along way in 90's rereading Germaine Greer, Simone,BrownMiller and the modern Backlash. These Women Invigorated me and imaginary addictions disappeared and happy fatness occured..for the first time in ten years I went to a restaurant did not eat rabbit food. Yes immersion into Black belt feminism worked miracles that our father or the serenity prayer could never achieve it was salvation through activism and spirituality became clean like a diamond sutra for women: feminism and Yes Goddess Worship, because If you cannot worship OUR Goddess Or see the Divine Feminine then it dose not matter what your liberal ecumenical creds are you are still a conservative women because FEMALE DIVINITY IS SO IMPOSSIBLE YOU CANNOT EVEN SAY THE PRONOUN SHE IN CONNECTION WITH GOD OR FEAR TO SAY are not superior in calling God He because God is sexless you are too afraid to go among people and say it..SHE 3 letters that you cannot say because of male conditioning given you disgust for femaleness equating it with bestiality, unholiness and thus whenever you hear someone say She you feel a need belittle them by implying they are nitpicking when they performing an act of courage..

In movies 13 Warrrior to Gaudi Afternoon Goddess worshipper are demonized as horrors or ridiculed as hypocrtical leeches by real working lapsed catholic intellectual women...THat are too afraid to tell the church to go fuck off..It is really enraging as well as disheartening and depressing to go to a movie Start to Enjoying it and Discover it is really an exercise in Lynching Goddess spirituality, idealogy and Goddess worshippers...Masquerading as a adventure or a comedy but hiding the message disdain to women and men who actually view the feminine as holy.

But I will look at the bright side If we must be demonized or ridiculed then Goddess resonants in the world...Where She has kept quiet now She speaks..The Seventh age is over And Mother is back, pushing into the back ground a shame faced Son...Goddess is back...Goddess bless.
picture by Mark ATwood = Pele Rising
Merrie part from the Hinterlands............

Child Day stump

Today is Mother's Day and to the unfertile a problematic day..I could look at this day in two ways misanthropically or spiritually.>>I did not realize I had a choice..But in fact I can hate mothers day sorrowfully or cantakerously or view it as a day to celebrate DM the Great Mother the guiding intellegence of the universe...Thinking about it further I can do all three all day...I am not a person that tends to be impressed the title mother...Having been mothered badly as a child and viewing bad parenting as a constant in reality around me... I am not impressed by the title mother or father and do not fall to the ground in awe the few times that they get things right with their children...I do love children and believe that they need to be worshipped... The poor things did not have a choice in the families they are in, Tibetan Book of the DEAd not withstanding....Of course mother's and father's love to complain about the burden of childrearing in the world and then vote in anti-child government administration run by people whose wives most probably allowed a nanny to raise the child...We need a child day holiday without the religious bells and whistles something that honors all the love that children give their parents until they realise it is not the they(child) that the parents love but the fantasy child that they(the parents) are molding into existence...

Friday, May 04, 2007

gravy boat is broken,, OH dear,,

Conservative has suggested a military coup is the answer...Having created and promoted the most corrupt administration since the Teapot Dome scandal...Unable to admit that they were wrong and that conservatism has become the political equivalent of a country club for corporate hacks and strong arm men...The belief now is that democracy is the problem and that the freedom that the Fundie Muslim do not want is the progenitor of the whole mess..The so-called freedom they used to flatter us into war...Now it has outlived its usefullness and a military coup is the answer....

Oh dear!!! unable to say we made a mistake,, we conservatives have allowed ourselves to be corrupted by absolute power, The siren call to them is more power and illegally if possible... why I wonder is the future so bleak to them? The thought that they screwed up so bad and showed how arrogant and uneducated in the simple things like science, biology and sociology. That they know it will be incredibly hard to fudge the election results this time..Is there, in them a fear that they and their corporations will have to pay the same percentage of tax that a middle class person must or worst a poor person in the same ratio of tax per income...Or horrors of horror be made to clean up after themselves like recalcitrant Adolescents...

Are they afraid that the gravy train has left the tracks and they are standing on the platform morosely watching it leave the station...Yes the gravy train has left and I hope it transforms into the peace train and segues into the freedom train..

Yeah humble pie don't taste so good, so much so, that treason is perferable...

Merrie part from the Hinterlands.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

oh the humanity

I really getting irritated at human beings specism as a PETA friend calls it... I am listening to a movie downstairs as I roam the internet...Once again I hear How great we are because we are the only species who know that we die..Last time I talked to my dog or cat or snake I did not have philosophical conversation with them...It went more along the lines of "Dammit couldn't you wait till I let you out" or "What you want to eat again"...The language barrier made it impossible to discuss the futility and the fatality of life and so that and any thealogical discussions were impossible so I don't know how much they comprehend...But the Human need to assume that they are so much better than the animal world constantly smacks of insecurity as any misanthrope like Swift would point out maybe we are not the apex of the animal kingdom but the horses behind..

merrie part from the hinterlands

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pentacle follies

well the pentacle is accepted and of course the mundanes and the unimaginative have begun beating their drums and circling the wagons..or is the pagans beating the drums.. of course to the fundies it is a sign of the apocalypse since nothing about the VA is found in the bible they are running to their worn books of the Left Behind series to find out what this means in the grand scheme of apacolypto..The NY Post finds the Idea of Pagans dying for their country hilarious and showed a tongue and cheek look at a VA headstone..Luckily Pagans are a relatively peaceful lot compared to Mono's we do not recommend that said tongue be torn out or the cheek branded as some religions would of reacted at this kind of insult in the past or right now...The only fatwa we believe in is the fat in the suet of our figgy puddding and usually that is veggie fat..So Pagans should not think this is the end of it because in ten years in Podunk, Bible belt some pagan is going to need to sue a vet cemetary to get said Pentacle because stonewalling by some fundie monomaniacal beureuacrat....Unless a future republican congress makes it against the law to sue against such stonewalling ...The VA is a machiavellian org and just because they say they will don't mean they will...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sometimes something happens that numbs you and you cannot think about your daily irritations and that sorrow makes one let go of daily concerns. Whenever Alot of people die who were doing nothing but what they were supposed to be doing good and productive things...It's shocking and knocks one off their equilibrium...I hope that the grieving people find a measure of serenity on the rest of their paths I hope that the dead find peace...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

one little piggy, two little piggy, three ect.

Well people are kvetching about fundie orgs that are aligning themselves with neo-nazi scientists like Mr. Cameron and his org...But instead of jews, gypsies,the mentally ill, physical disabled and gay people being lumped together as early twentieth century eugenics proponents did...They are begining with gays they are starting small and then will build up to final crescendo a purging of all the ungodly as identified to them by god. Read, Left Behind, if you wish to know if you are on the list or study the 20th Century Eugenics Movement. A movement that was invented at the turn of the century by the doctor brother of a fundementalist preacher and spread across the prairie by eugenic faires/revival meeting...Later on brought to German scientists by German American Doctor were it was married with Psuedo-scientific Antropological theory to form Nazi Doctrine... So the marriage of Fundies with questionable scientific theory is not new or a fad or them being mislead is a marriage going back to the turn of the century... the last century

Merry Part from the weather confused Hinterlands.....

Rascally Rabbits

Well Easter is over with a pleasant family meal and no talk of religion at it..Thank Goddess Quiet and the food was delicious my sister-in-laws cooking has improved a great deal since she started cooking diabetic...My downstairs is almost finished my obsessively watching Clean House and Niecy Nash has paid off I have a kitchen worthy of a small magazine spread now when I am depressed I just go to the kitchen look at it and sigh the sigh of a contented amatuer interior designer...Of course being the large and overfed children at heart that my husband and I are we have plastered fat and jolly dragons on the wall above the sink and stove using the excuse that the dragons will protect the paint job from splatters of grease and dirty dish water...Something a Style mavens would shudder at...But I believe any excuse to decorate with a Fairy or dragon or preferably both is a good excuse.

So reading blogs and listening to fundamentally bent acquaintances I get the feeling that people of the fundie persuasion wish to exorcise the ghost of pagan past from Christmas and now Easter...Unfortunately amongst the english that was tried by the Calvinists called puritans or roundheads...But they did not call it the pagan influence it was a push to get rid of popery and popish(catholic) influence in the Church of England....A civil war occurred in which many noble things were espoused and then religious fanatics took over england and the Massachusettes colony..the good old pilgrims made any partying a illegal...Any celebration of Christmas or Easter left one open to a large fine or the stock depending on your social class....This lasted about twenty years in which all competing forms of Christianity to the Calvinist were outlawed and many of other sects especially the Irish Catholics died in inhumane Pogroms by the puritans...

This ended with the death of the puritan leader Cromwell and led to the monarchy being restored and the English embarking on a twenty year party to celebrate the end of the reign of a christian version of the taliban...That is kind of like why I laugh when I hear so-called historians talk about the pilgrim coming up with the notion freedom of religion or democracy...Religious fundamentalists do not believe in freedom they do not trust it or want it...

Modern Democracy was born in the Age of REason by Philosphers and social scientists. It was not fundamentalist christian, political or social conservatives who created created modern democracy they were busy defending the divine right of kings and waging war between Protestants and Catholics...Suffrage for the common man and literacy for them also, was the provenance of the radical at that time...To say America is a Christian Nation is true alot of Americans are christian and most of the signer of the declaration of Independence were Christian If any were Atheists or agnostics is lost to history as that time being a vocal atheist meant that the crown could torture you, take away your property and burn you to death...much harsher fate than the mere hanging that signing the declaration would have brought them...There is a legit reason why atheists hate religion that goes beyond their belief in atheisms superiority...Atheist have always been tied on the stake next to the witch, case in point Italian Astronomer Bruno.
So to take to Heart the Easter Bunny survived the puritans and it will survive the fundies gunning for it the way Elmer chased Bugs all over the forest, she will just keep goin and goin like the Goddess.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

False nostalgia and false paranoia

Well tomorrow is another holiday the one that most of the powers that be celebrate though how sincerely is only known betwixt them and their hairdresser the paraphrase the commercial..I always am in a befogged state of mind at times when new people come into my life or events occur I think are profound or of great import and I always wonder what is the meaning of this, What is it Goddess is showing me? I find that trying to tease out Her and the universes intent never works out a I find that the answer always unveils itself and rarely remains a mystery... It is usually a lesson plan for me and rarely a relevation of great import to humankind ...

Recently a russian artist came into my sphere of influence I wondered as I was trying to divest myself as much as I could of bad lingering russian bigotry and nationalism and also the religion...It worried me until I realized that what he was is a lesson in trust that I was right in certain beliefs and supposition I made about my European heritage and my mothers religion...It is always a relief to know you are on the right path in spiritual matters and not to linger in false nostalgia...

America is a strange country in matters of religion.... THey do not believe that there is religious discrimination here any more. Except among Conservatives that belief that christianity is being persecuted by secular Humanists...But ask them what a Secular humanist is and they have no definition beyond being in league with the devil...But then My definition on secular humanism is a bit fuzzy also.. Really it is not persecution that these people have an overiding sense of paranoia about. It is the fact that now days many people are not impressed by their religion or so-called piety and are not shy to tell them..."You obsessive compulsive about Jesus, I am not, get out of my face ." Is what a lot of these people are hearing and they do not like the fact that no one wants to kow-tow to them or move to the back of the ecumenical bus when they get on...

People who do face discrimination are usually viewed as deserving it like the way rape victims are made to feel...Somehow because the victim does not belong to a religion that resembles a mainstream religion they are in a cult and thus deserving of bad treatment<>And that is the gist of all religious discrimnation make life so hard that they will convert to the dominant religion if not that at least something related to it......

Merry Part from the Hinterlands

Thursday, March 15, 2007

monagamy and the real scoop

I come to speak of the dirty little secret that mona-gamous family hides... the marriage that should not have happened or needed to be buried before the tots were two....a mona-gamous marriage that keeps on going like an evil, demented and demonic energizer-bunny that keeps on going and in the end nearly consumes the children they are staying together for...IT teaches good boys and girl to hate mom because she is a hysteric and hate dad because he abuses himself and mom... Its the one where mom is asking the good REverand father for advice and all he has to say stay together you made your bed because divorce stats look bad on his resumee. Yeah Garrison Kellior tell us the great fable about monogamy and make sure to hide the dirty secret...Maybe the Great Monogamists children are always divorcing is because of the example at home and not the evil secular society...

There are many children in the world and in this country that need protecting but not from evil hordes of gay people but the people caring for them abusive parents, foster parents, charities and abusive religious sects and knows a sane and rational Lesbian or Homosexual would be a salvation to these children... We are acting as though in this country no child goes to sleep hungry or is not abused, that is what nice well-fed white men never on the poverty level believe...There are children out there with no hope, a decent gay couple or single gay person could save the life of one desperate child,,, but heaven forbid we might upset the mono-maniacs, It might cause dancing in a new generation, Heaven forbid.....
Gay people make great parents I know many and not just last ditch parents if Americans do not accept the fact Moral American Devolutionists are irrational bordering on illness we will lose more than just gay rights we will lose a generation and others to come..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

mistake misled misuse and mass distraction

Well male liberals are running around kvetching about Hillary and the words mistake and mislead. They are throwing around bullshit moral self-righteousness as though the primary is rose garden in bad need of fertilizing...Hillary said that she was mislead into making the wrong decision concerning the vote in the senate about Iraq...Like any good bearueacrat she is telling us with the word mislead that the decision was a wrong one. That being informed by the Bush administration with faulty and false info led to that descision being made... These male candidates are running around taking the moral high ground in phony semantics debate that has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with the male habit of nitpicking any work a woman does...Sorry, men saying "you made a mistake" is not the high threshold of ethical and moral statements or behavior you believe it is.....Every day women are told by men they make a mistake. Every thing from getting the secretary pregnant was a mistake to leaving the toilet seat up. Rarely do men wonder why they made the mistake it just happened....We are not impressed...Men believe that saying, "I made a mistake" and prefaced with, "I am sorry", clears everything up... It really never does address the problem, "I made a mistake", can mean "It did not work out oops"... It is as if the Iraq war is a freeway and these men took the wrong exit AND this how much they thought about it or are going to admit was going on when they voted...Because these men think that worse thing they can do is admit that they made mistake. They would never cop to the worst truth that they were lied to, pressured to and therefore hoodwinked into voting yes...Of all of them, Hillary is the most honest because women learn early on if they do not assess the situation find out what went wrong and explain the reasoning behind the wrong decision they are not employed very long....Every women has heard,"what was going on in your head", constantly since childhood. That it is a MANTRA for a parent to say it...And women know that the person asking, is not saying it to exercise their lungs and vocal cords..SAying "I made a mistake" not a righteous declaration. Saying"I was mislead' is A TRUTHFUL EXPLANTION...It shows that the decision to go to war was a serious one for Hillary and she is angry about the situation she was put in... Which bodes well for if she is elected she will angry enough to do something about the situation and it will be well thought out...Because she has discovered the problem in the decision and is not going to use false sentiment and hemming and hawing as a political affectation.

When a women says, I made a mistake, it is reacted with "How can that silly cow had done that.."

When a man says," I made a mistake", he is a big man for admiting it...

Had Hillary been the first candidate to say they had made a mistake then every male candidate would telling us he was mislead and showing us how it occured.

OLD BOYS NETWORK IS CLOSING RANKS with a large degree of hypocritical self-righteous smugness

But americans live on bullshit we hear from politicians, religious leaders and cultural icons day and night..

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hillary Bashin and male antics

Well the conservatives are creating a tempest in a teacup to effectively distract us from the fact that a plethora of conservative male candidates that cannot live up to so-called families values they espouse(they despouse the way others delouse)... all the the conservative male candidates are divorced except the one who belongs to a religion that teaches its girls and young women that they are property of a male and thus cannot own property and that the only way they can ascend to their heaven is if their husband after his death calls them to heaven by the woman's secret de-coder ring name to join them there...Thus assuring in their cosmology that a woman is at the same level of regard in heaven as a man's faithful hound dog(no wonder we are called bitches).

I am not against divorce. I am an ex-divorcee with a successful second marriage. Having had an abusive first marriage and watching the antics as a child of two people who could not successfully live together but stayed together for the sake of the children and family values(thanks for the eternal guilt).. I am not against divorce but I am against people who decry it when women do it to leave an abusive situation and ignore men who do so for political expediacy or am just tried of the bitch...It is a break down of the american family when a female does it or a disenfranchised male but if you are a power broker you can stand on the podium and make speeches to overly religious people and conservatives pandering their simplistic view of complex personal relationships and how to fix them...People can fix themselves, they do not need laws passed that are slick ways to give excessively religious and conservative control freaks the fix they need. The power to stick their pruient noses in other people business.

Hillary spoke with a southern accent quick, ready the firing squad . Let's get Jude Law and every other english actor that spoke with an overblown southern accent in overacted tawdry soap operas that effectively minimize ante-bellum racism and excuse the fact that they thought it was cute to own human being. Janet, Hillary, Nicole do wish a last smoke.....

I am sorry southern conservatives. I know that Fox news is trying to make you out as ego-centric and meglomaniacal narcissists, but Hillary is not a racist..I know asians that raised in the south speak with a southern accent, and blacks and latino and heaven forbid, Catholics a whole other race of persons.. Southern twang is a regional accent not a enthic dialect or race based slang... If you are so sensitive and have internalized the bigot view that a southern twang makes you an uneducated boob and the only reason a northerner would speak with one is to insult you then you are the bigot that is ashamed your own regional unigueness.. Hillary used it to show she admires you and that she not ashamed to be lumped in with southerners..That she was proud of the fact that she was the wife of a southern Governor... If that bothers you then you are the racist and regionalist and secretly ashamed of your culture...Let call it what it is Fox News. The fact is that Fox News cannot imagine someone wanting to bond in solidarity with southerners, politically, morally, socially or culturally. To Fox News the Southern culture is one of big bellied racists and shrewish trailer park brides it is not the world of great American writers and innovative Scientists and inventors... The REGIONALISTS AND RACISTS ARE FOX NEWS NOT HILLARY...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

bee scarves and sexism

Today we are supposed to blog on sexism...I thought about and remember a statement Bill Maher said on his show He was making a statement about religion How the Saudi's put their women half the population in Bee keeper suits..He said if we in america or say south africa had did this to its black population Jesse Jackson would have collapsed on the UN floor in Apoplexy.. The out cry would be great and large that a group were treated in such an inferior manner...And the outcry should be great, blacks should not be treated so...but when it is done to middle-eastern women it is honky-Dory because it is religion that wants it and no one cries..He being an atheist used this showing how ridiculous religion is...I think that he missed the point it is not religion that puts these women into bee keeper suits devout muslim men are supposed to cover their heads before Allah in theocracies in the middle east they do, but If school catches on fire they do not tell their little princes to go back into the conflagration because their heads are uncovered they did do that to Schoolgirls causing a large number of them to burn to death( and they tell us the Burning Times are over).

The reason we do not see women in Bee keeper Suits (and being run down by cars they cannot see is third highest cause of death for Middle eastern women) Not Causing hysteria amongst liberals and anyone else is THAT THE PERSON IN THE BEEKEEPER SUIT IS A WOMAN...Now do not get me wrong I have nothing against a muslim women wearing head scrarf if they wished or plain clothing or what ever else is safe for them to wear. Unlike some Feminists I have nothing against covering ones head if it is that persons choice.. I grew up in California and went school many muslim women and some of them look positively beatific in their attire like young Theatokises. What I have is a thing about forcing women to look bad in clothes because a man has so little control over his wee-wee he cannot be around an attractively dressed women, that I have a large problem with that...if you have so little self-control, then you should not be in charge of a family let alone a country... You are one that needs to be in the harem..and it is beginning to happen in the US among conservative christians... It is really bad when you look at the taliban and envy them. That is what the super fundies are doing by dressing daughter in floor length jeans skirt and sons in dockers and polo shirts... believe me a score of these girls are not choosing to look that bad. Again it goes on because Sexism is a natural condition for all these people and liberal men do not have a good record on this issue....

I NO LONGER REFER TO THE FEMALE SEX AS A SEX I use the term race because obvious thinking of myself and females as a seperate sex invites abuse and for some women death... No there is a new race in town crosses colorline and has no ethinicity.. Because cleaving to the men of race is not going to bring equality, may-be for the male but not for the female... Push come to shove whatever color you are you still do not have a cock and in this world that is all that really counts.

Jesse James, Dalton Gang and Dillenger Where have you gone?

I was sitting in front of the TV this morning trying to get my motivation going to get my flu ridden body to the bank and cash a check and go pay a bill...A commercial showing a bank manager and his underlings robbing a group of customers appeared and I realized that people in the trendy elite are starting to get the picture about America...It is a country now that it is impossible for the working poor to accumulate wealth and set their children up for a better life...The bank institutions with no federal regulations have become robber barons...There will soon be little difference between them and the instutions used by the mob...Bank of America charges 5 dollars for every check cashed wrote on their institution...If you are so poor that you cannot put a check in your checking acct. or to even have a checking acct. can you really afford a bank to steal an hours worth of work from you for the privelege of cashing one of their own checks....My mother died a few years ago she left a checking acct. in a bank near my home when she lived with me...When she died I went to cash out the acct. it had 250.00 dollars in it....Because she had not used the acct. for 2years there was a penalty to pay because it was such a hard burden for them to hold that money...I thought Bummer and expected to pay a 20/30 dollar bank fee they gave me 25.oo dollars out of 250.00. I did not realize that money was so hard to take care of. I wonder what the expense was...Is it the Bullshit that bankers throw around needed to fertilize the money is that the great expense is it organic...DOes money need the blood that banker squeeze out of their customers for it to grow. or do bankers expect to send cash to a reputable Ivy league school to become Smart money....I would like to know what is the reason? What cost so much when all they need to do was hold my money and cash an occasional check...What is the reason that the bank after holding money that they did not need to do anything with to charge a bank fee that is literally worth 90% of the money being held...In case you want scream inheritance tax my mother lived in another state when she died and california never saw a red cent and I was told that they the banking Institution suffered so much trauma and difficulty holding that money they needed to rob me blind of it, Sorry dead woman's child but we suffered to.

What this brings to mind is that Americans are changin by the offhanded sadistic and greedy behavior of the powers that be...But they are not getting wise enough quick enough to save their children....I always wondered why conservatives hated the public school system, even when I was a conservative, as a child I went to a good school district so when I came to the Bible belt I was horrified by the Illiteracy and ignorance of the common person. So I sat and I watched and I realized a pattern.. People are uneducated here their faith is conservative and fundamental in religion, even if their religion is not Known for in other parts of the country to be excessively conservative..They vote in conservatives and they helped to dismantle the Unions, who though doing a Half-assed job to help these people were really the only ones going to bat for them..And again and again I see these Religious Institutions prostituting themselves for conservative politics with the hope that they will receive tax money to pay for the bloated mortgages on their mega-churchs. Selling out their poor bethren for power to create a Fascist religious Theocracy at best or control of welfare money to abuse the poor even more than they have already done by supporting the Conservative agenda.. It is a betrayal that even pales in comparision with Judases..Christ had the divine power to protect himself the poor do not.

So where have you gone Jesse, the Daltons and Dillenger we miss you So..,,

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

history and alternate endings

I have gotten into an arguement with an Irish type person about their troubles and the true nature of the secterian violence in modern Ireland... One thing I do not care is blindness and the for the Irish need to dress up their religious hatred with matyrdom. The english Conquered Ireland there was no UN, you suffered, you hate them, but it would not have been so bad if they had been Catholic... Believe I heard the last part from A drunk irishman at my sister's wedding. The reason the Irish and the english hate each and do not trust each other is based on religion and not ethnicity....OLiver Cromwell horribly massacred the Irish because they were a people who were majorly Catholic....and a convenient target to vent his prostestant angst at after subduing other protestant sects in england and these other protestants were treated just as harshly as the Irish He was a Fanatic... Elizabeth the 1st went ballistic on Irish ass because the the Pope made it church law that any catholic that did not work to personally destroy her were excommunicated which was boon financially for the church with english catholics setting up funds to send Rome to accomplish this goal...She was described as a sign of the apocalypse something involving harlots, Babylon and tigers, sounds more like a acid trip gone bad than a spiritual experience and dictum to me...

What would have happen to the Irish and the english had the Irish retained power most assuredly the protestant reformation in england would not have occurred Henry the 8th would not have laid the foundation for the english navy with church funds looted from monastaries...If Elizabeth came into being most assuredly and early death or a sudden urge to be a wife to christ would have developed in her young self-perserving heart... If she came into power as a Monarch the Irish having autonomy in This(FAntasy World) Irish persons this is a FAntasy supposition I am writing, I am sorry you are matyrs, life aint good in the barrio either, would have supported Spain, england would have been innudated and the Haspburgh King Phillip of Spain would have control of England and Within a Lfetime would have cowed the Irish with the help of the Pope. Our Elizabeth would have married Phillip or Elizabeth Would have been beheaded and A proper catholic of tudor Queen Mary of Scotland would of Been Queen...I see celtic bigots every where wriggling in ecstacy over that scenario....

Holland would probably barely survive the Catholic onslaught after the Victory in england...It might remain a Protestant country by the skin of its teeth...But any modern wealth that the Scandinavian countries have today will have evaporated by the constant warring with the Hapsburg empire...The flowering of the Dutch economic empire and sciences and arts would have been suppressed creating a world that would be backward in it exploration of asia and the pacific. The growth of the middle-class would have been stunted by a lack of merchant class made wealthy from the Dutch West and East India companies. Linnaues would have been fighting in the trenches as well as Vermeer for opposite sides

But say these people would it be so bad about the Haspburghs. The movie the ILLUSIONIST IS set in the Hapsburgh Empire that covered Austria and a good portion of central and southeast europe and Italy. The Hapsburghs with that much power and clout to control most of nothern europe and all the america the Sopranos would not have liked that...IN the 1800's it was a world of secret police agencies it is a world that in its death throes gave birth to Hilter... I do not think that a Hapsburgh would have allowed an American Revolution I do not believe that Democracy Would have had a chance...I believe that the first revolution would have been Class wars and not the setting up of Democracy but the peasantry looking for power and revenge...We think that this world is bad, reality occurs for a reason, History occurs for reason as long as we kid ourselves and stay in the denial of the true reason for the conflict. The conflict will never be solved if the true reason is not addressed and the people in denial of said reason. They will then ascribe noble reasons for their violence, wars are start by hatred, covetousness and revenge both sides....


I hear a lot about female instability these days from neo-con friends and family... Rarely do I start the discourse as I believe fighting verbally with delusional people is rude and counter productive for their mental health. But I will protect myself and my beliefs I just know a lost cause when I see it...Daily I am inundated with cute little e-mail about Hillary and her candidacy..About her Female driven stupidity, illogic and emotional instability... there is a whole cottage industry based on attacking her and when all the rhetoric is stripped it is only really the fact that she does not have a cock is what bothers these people...Also that she is uppity to believe she is as competent as a male..

It made me wonder about Female instability, emotional and otherwise...When I am bored I watch crime shows usually documentary or real crime retellings of cases...It is a good way to gauge the moral fabric of a society and learn about regional social life(who are in power among the religious and political groups and who are the disenfranchised and thus easy targets to kill or scapegoat for a crime). I have noticed in the South that the homicide dectectives have a tendency when child murder or sex crime occurs. That if the spouse or parent have church affiliation, they head to the local High School and ask the students who they think did the crime...Usually the prep turns out to be an ascerbic young goth or anarchist...They are convicted on the evidence of their religious beliefs, political beliefs or dabbling in the occult...I am not saying that the occasional ascerbic young goth or anarchist does not commit a heinous crime but when push come to shove they always find one to fit the prep profile until it becomes so obvious that the good family member did it.

I was watching a shows on Oxygen and WE and heard some facts on how unstable a certain sex is 90% of violent criminals are MEN, 70% of murdered women are killed by the MEN they intimated with, Pregnant women greatest threat to her life is not medical but to be murdered by the MAN they are intimated with. 75% OF Male MURDER VICTIMS ARE KILLED BY MEN...AND YET IT IS FEMALE INSTABILITY that worries conservative men and women...Go Figure... MEN go ballistic everyday in heinous ways that led to the death of other men, women, and children and we are worried about female instablity because Britney shaved her head and Hillary looks like she might be a ballbreaker.... Sorry with the way crime stats are may-be we need a little ballbreaker including in international diplomacy....May-be men need to wake up and release the idea that they are not the little princes society and their mothers have hoisted on them..Having a cock does not make you better in fact is makes you more violent and emotionally unstable and may be someone with female Hormones will do a better and more realistic job running the country... Women are anything but realists especially after the age of 24..

Well maybe I should just stop reading my families e-mails, If I could I would just block them until Hillary is elected or gives it a noble try. But with the delusional you just do not now what will hurt their senstive feelings... obviously I am a feminist and a Goddess Worshipper sounds to them like an invitation to send all your crazy political and religious is as if conservatives only hear that crazy voice in their head when you are talking to them... The one that helps them formulate their political and religious beliefs, and so ignore any real life stats on crime and behavior and anything else concrete real and logical does not exist.