Friday, February 23, 2007

Pole and Polar bears

I was watching the News yesterday a Dangerous proposition to ones preception of reality in the good ole' USA... All the big democratic male white politicos were Kvetching about Hillary probably earlier before these broadcasts they frantically sent aides to search in thesauruses and dictionary for words that will obscure the true misogyny of their attitudes, words and message. The new catch-phrase is Polarizing. Hillary is polarizing a metaphor that shows a lush freudian slip these men have made in using this word... for to put it bluntly and crudely the only thing that makes Hillary polarizing is the fact that HILLARY LACKS A can see the frustration on these mens face when talking about Hil to them the only reason she is not viable is that she is a woman. I can just see a bubble above Edwards and et al. Of course she Is Political Dead weight SHE IS A WOMAN. For some reason women in the United States believe that Men will take care of them that deep down they care for the female sex. What these women mistake is that, yes, their fathers, brothers and husbands might love them and want to see them succeed, But they do not exactly want any other women to get uppity and think that they should expect what their little petunia's are getting. That is a serious mistake that will hamper women ever achieving any true political, social and financial power.

Polar bears are dying... I think that their will be a special bardo for us people who contributed to this crime..Soylent Green seems to be an option in our furture on earth I wonder if that is why you never see it on TV in the darkest hours of the night.

Haggard went to gayhab I hope that he finds a measure of peace and acceptance for himself because I know that in his chosen religion there will be none.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

neo-cons, fundies and family

I make it a habit not to talk to neo-con family members about politics or religion...Because I do it as a courtesy and civilized behaviour. I simply do out of respect that they are blood...When Politics come up and they always do for a neo-con because like fundies they always believe that some story or e-mail that they believe is cute but really is an exercise in hate-spewing garbage is going to bring you back to the fold, I really try to grit my teeth and bear it... But since I have a blog I do believe that I can now describe and vent about how discourteous and uncivilized it is to send members of different political idealogues and religions beliefs, your political and religious tracts.

Today I recieved from three relations, three nasty anti-female and hate-driven e-mails about Hillary and her candidacy.... At first I was hurt because All these people know I am a feminist and that I am fond of Hillary...But then I decided that I will vote for Hillary...Why because when they the Clintons were in Office the first time they did a great job and second because I view sexism as great a crime as Anti-semitism and racism, not as a cute cultural anachronism.....So instead changing my mind with hate-spewed garbage that they view as cute parables of logic and common sense it made me realize that John Lennon was right that women are the nigger of the world... In case black people are offended, I am mixed race and using racism as an excuse for sexism is not going to work with me.... If white women want to co-opt civil rights for equal rights it is all right by me. I am not impressed by people of color spewing sexist hate-garbage at white women under to mantle we were victims of racism you are just neurotic white cows..... When they call you a Ho and Bitch in a Rap video they mean it about all women.. It aint cute street-talking eubonics for the urban set.

I really believe that only black belt feminism will save the world... The environment is reaching critical mass, as is the population. Men are confused and scared, they are re-pressing their fear and it is coming out in a hatred of women as though this is to them a show of strength... Unless women draw a line in the sand and say no more to pandering male ego, male religions and male financial structure(global economy) we are going to lose the future for future generations..... This is not a time for Race, REligion and Politics to Divide women, the children are counting on us.... and believe me races, religions and political institutions have no wish for us to be united... Forget about $5000 handbags and start thinking about what your children are to inherited because believe me the majority of men around you are not ....They are using your money to fund their world destructive dive into societal denial of the life and death struggle we are in..

IN the end it will likely be Our Mother saving us.

Friday, February 16, 2007

refections of hippies and Goddess and Goodnesss

A few days ago a adopted some plants to place in my front garden one rose bush and a wisteria bush from Home Depot... I use the word adopt because I think I am becoming one of the nutty Hippies that used to live in my neightborhood in L.A. during the sixties before the Manson Family arrived and my mother became a verbal champion of Hippies,,,,, Strange for her since she was a Hawk and a staunch republican but she perferred hippies over bikers any time of the day and made certain everyone knew that... I had a friend in school who was named Meadow and also one who proudly announced to friends her mother was a Witch and Psychic I thought that was the coolest..... Halloweeen was a holiday made for children and adults knew this and behaved for one night of the year....

Then I grew up and married, got divorced and went into recovery and saw a shadow cover the land... It started with the demonization of atheists and agnostics in recovery literature and then I moved to the Bible Belt and in a moment of satori enlightment I saw recovery for what it was the last net of christianity trowling for converts among the ill instead of medical help for the sick..... I saw that I had a choice be part of the problem or be free..... So I left recovery and entered life, a political, opinionated and emotional life things all feared and hated among the serene and serenity seekers.....I learned that my opinion counts and acceptance is not an option if it means status quo and complacency..... It is also a rich spiritual and mystical life.... I am ill but also I am alive and I will never allow serene complacency rule my life and turn it into a half-life...

To live life one must be constantly learning because reality is not love life one must be willing to feel even if it is fear, anger or lust..... one must be willing to feel love and compassion..... the lesser emotions and the finer emotions are what make people> People without them we live in a state of shame and lack of understanding. To be able to empathize with someone you must be able to feel or have been able to feel what they are feeling.... Unability to empathize means one can not really form true compassion.... What one will feel for the other is pity and not true compassion....To be angry is to be alive, to be wrathful is to allow anger to grow from benficiality to an emotion hurtful and destructive....God does not feel wrath because She is too wise to allow Her anger to grow to such lengths... It is humankind that has placed on the Divinity a face of man and placed on Her what is weakness and rarely a true strength...... We want God to be Like us forgetting that God Is Pure SAnctity, sacredness, Holiness and Love.... All that is good Is God/DEss... Humankind has only scratched the surface of goodness but she is the embodiment of it...... society subconsciously knows this because GOODNESS AND GODDESS SO closely spelled alike...GOD IS GOOD but GODDESS IS TRUELY GOODNESS.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh well and Oh hell

politics in America is showing itself to be ever Illogical and alot like religious Dogma all said must be taken with a grain of salt. Unfortunately there is not enough bitters in the world to make this much salt palatable..... Sometimes do you not wish you could be a character in a fantasy novel a go hiking and end up in the fey realm and just chilll with beings that can tell you this to will pass and you believe them because they are immotal and saw the same shenanigans going on in ancient AThens during election time...

So now a black man is not black enough... A female politician is not feminist enough and a man who had his city hit by two large scale terrorist attacks is hunky-dory.... Oh Well I thought Limbuagh was on drugs what is the problem with the rest of the media...... Edwards has caved into Xian fascists..... But that does not surprise me after his wife's below the belt attack (she is just lucky none of edwards chippees have surfaced yet to be acting holier than Hillary.)

I now know what drove Alec Baldwin's Infamous Getting out DOdge statement if Bush won.... It was a disgust for what passes for Logic at around election time that pissed him off.... Maybe it is the campaign commercials being created right now maybe they do have Theta waves or beta waves that scramble the brain I need to talk to my paranoid brethren about that, maybe they are paranoid and right, like on the bumper-sticker.

For people of reason now a collective Ommmmm must be said for it is election season and it loooks like a doozy and the floozies have not come out of the closet (female or male) as of yet....

I will add a good thing I hope my tulips all come out this season last year only a quarter bloomed and we had only one frost the winter before... When people complain to me about the weather I always think about my bulbs and appreciate the cold without them and the snow I would living in a So. CA. bible belt Yeckkk... Oh that is florida.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh for the life of me

I am going to talk about fashion again. It is strange yesterday there was nothing on TV so I watched the style channel and watched more or less what they were going to try to shove american women into this coming year. It was hysterical and shows again the lack of imagination among the elite when it comes to what professes to be taste. This year american women with money will be made to dress like 18-year old drugutantes and starlets. As I watched I could only think Paris will be happy for she will have realised that she has made her mark on the fashion world. I saw nothing on the catwalk that working women who do not fantasize about being in a rap video could wear. I know that fashion is a frivolous prusuit and despite The Devil Wears Prada it is not going to change the world to for the better at least the way they are right now, the color cerulean or not. But can not these people at least pretend that they think a woman has a brain and is not moonlighting when she gets out of bed.

I know America worships youth it is nothing new read F. Scott that was his mantra in the 20's and 30's. I do believe that the equating young women and whoredom does women everywhere a disservice and it makes for the next generation a harder time being taken serious in the real world. Youth and excess do not need to be held as synonomous descriptives. I have seen many young people with discipline and many are young girls.... If we hold up to our young women the example of only whore or virgin than it is societies fault that they fail... Yes Style makers you are part of society and you need to step up to bat when it comes to responsiblity.... You love taking credit for a societal trend but when it goes bad you run from responsibility of starting it, quicker that deadbeat father on child support day.

Sitting here in the hinterlands of America I run across alot of people who think because they parK their arses on a pew every sunday they are superior to the rest of america, the heartland. My husband always says well they are close to the area but it is more like under the arm.(and he is a Native). These people are not offering young women any positive reinforcement besides signing Abstinent pledges which will give their young boyfriends more incentive to pop their cherries. Nothing like getting a girl to break a pledge to boost a guys ego.

I do not believe that adults have young people best interests at heart. If they did they would not start wars or vote in cretins that believe pollution is good for the environment. No children,,, adults and parents have their own agenda not your wellbeing at heart Why? Because adults have convinced themselves that the agenda is your well being and also the said well being of the rest of the world. Rarely do they ask themselves any searching logical, ethical and moral questions. Rarely do They believe that the agenda might be all right for them but bad news to others..... The sad fact is that the agenda is usually as much poison to these adults as to everyone else....Would we live in a pollution ridden world with people buying Hummers if the agenda was really a beneficial set of beliefs.... The sixties and military service taught me to question authority.... Especially the ones raising you.

Good-Bye from the HINTERLANDS.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The urge to notify

Why is there a need among certain so-called free thinkers to tell us how terrible something is?. That is being hidden in society and promulgated by a group of elite people believing themselves good, yet are devils handpeople. These people always make certain everyone knows they are feminists or live on the street or did something related to the evil so that they are an expert at the thing they are exposing or not that, then an expert at the people either engaged in the said evil or promulgating it. I grew up in the sixties and so I seen this going on with drugs. It is an update on the, I smoked a joint got hit by a car, testimonial we heard as teenagers. What we were thinking, as this was being told to us, was do not walk in the street when high, you will get run over. I did not think that pot was 100% to blame and why did not the car stop when it saw the pedestrian.

Unfortunately I and many others have an incurable disease: logic. People who are studying or profess to be pagan are caught having killed somebody.... The local procescutor immediately associates the religious practices as causing said murder.... Why? Because there is nothing a prosecutor likes to tell a good christian jury more is that the criminal defendant is a worshipper of a decadent and evil religion. Since using this technique on jewish criminal defendants is passe', all these prosecutors hate mongering WAS tempered but then came WICCA and other PAGANS and the ability to accuse a minority of evil returned. So welcomed is this new opportunity for city government to practice a hate crime it has been taken up with a zeal matched only by redneck on GAy pride day.

Please future non-fiction writers of america. Feminsts have a right to be goddess-worshippers or atheists, MS. Denfield, you have the right to practice illogic.... But if you are going to make arguement about something, then please head to a logic class forthwith.

Blaming crime on the PAGAN RELIGIONS is ignorant and shows that a person is imbibed with lazy thinking.... Also HATE-MONGERING .... Unfortunately this is the same behaviour that Romans used to excuse persecuting the Christians and christians use to presecute any and everyone else....

No religion has a monopoly on crime, although there are in the prison systems population a greater percentage of people raised christian or profess to be christian that in the regular world. I would think, religion caused the crime prosecution would be something that christains would shy away from considering how many of their adherents commit crimes.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Donuts and spare change

yesterday for Imbolc I went to VA hosp for some poking and prodding . It involved fasting. When it was over I went over to get a donut and to take my medication. When that horrible veteran hating communist (not my Description but Neo con friends and family) Clinton was in office I would have gone to the commissary and had a four dollar lunch, but the military loving ex-vet Bush got rid of that. So I went to get a free donut. Something happened that never happened before I got carded and the donut was stale. The women needed to see my VA card before giving me a cup of joe and a donut. Before these donuts were for Vets and family members and were always fresh. It was then that the despicable nature of the Shrub family was revealed. Is Bush so evil that we need to demand that his new uniform include a fake moustache, a cape and a top hat. Must we also demand that he change his name to LeGree.

Does he sit up at night and think up new ways to achieve villiany. WAS he brushing his teeth one day last month and said to himself, "All that donut money! Those disabled Vets do not need it they are getting free medical help anyway. Yes, I found a way to fund the surge, Cheney will be sooo proud of me!!

The only other scenario is that America is so bankrupt it must CAge money from Disabled vets Donut funds. Then we need to start taxing religious institutions for getting us in this mess with a Republican government. But then they would have to have a voice in government. Oh Gee Is not that what they are forcing on the American people NOw without the even paying one penny in taxes. There is something rude about a people that want run everything, but not help in paying for the upkeep. A little bit of an imperialistic attitude one would say. That does not mesh well with humility and goodness they keep telling us they are imbibed with.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

poetry day for the fire festival

Today I decided to give my blog a piece of my poetry instead of a piece of my mind. And to my friends yes I know that I am an opinionated, cranky, mean sarcastic slag on the internet and on my blogs and since starting them I have now a great deal of peace of mind. I donot write them to be inspirational and I do not care who reads them. To me they do for me what screaming out of a window did for all people in Network when Peter Finch implored them to shout I am not taking it anymore. If you want nice and serene and equanimity go find a Buddhist blog. Those things are not to be in my life's backpack in this lifetime around, I am learning that being a bitch can be great fun. NOw on with the poetry.

Going Home

The wind is my lover
Softly he caresses my cheek

When all is over
Soft will my Ashes blow

Beyond the leeward side
Return me to my lover

Beyond the Isle's sky
I shall pass over

Sophia not public domain December 1998 copyrighted

Ruminations while Stargazing

A hurried day
seems endless now

The quiet night
so far away

Forgotten dreams
spin in my mind

They whirl around
with anxious thoughts

Soon daylight peaks
and starts to wane

In twilight mist
a sight appears

Does calm my mind
and soothe my soul

A tinsel star glows
with the gloom

A rising cresent
start's it way

It charts a path
along the stars

That glow much
brighter in the sky

The twilight dies
a night is born

I see a void
Her glory grows

The darkness shows
Her proud black brow

Within the void
I hear a song

The planets spin
with lyric sound

All I see
night's fine dress

The beauty of
Her signature

From here to there
past everywhere

This day I learn
what is the truth

The universe's hand
held out

That Nature holds
us in Her palm

She is life
and life is sweet

sophia copyrighted March 1999 not public domain