Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fat of the Land

the American Sexuality Magazine has a Article about Women and their feelings of vulnerability in the public place...I need to say that a great number of women deal with the vulnerability with one quick and easy way weight gain. I have done it this way and I have seen many women Molested in childhood or raped as young adult deal with it as weight gain.. I have always wonder if the hatred and contempt that fat people generate in their thin counterparts due more to envy by thin people than anything else. I know from being a thin person and hearing other thin women state that the fear less for the safety of fat friends than thin ones in things like waiting for them enter there houses safely after dropping them off. I see this envy in modern fashion mag when an socially conscious editor brings in a story about Fatism(Yes the discrimination of fat people) it is innudated with letters stating that fat people need to grow up and lose weight..Is the need to be vicious to fat people because we can no longer can be openly mean to someones race or sex or sexual orientation and still be thought of as a thinking person...or is it that being thin is a burden and hard work and can place one in danger from violent sexual perverts..And it disgusts us that we cannot eat and are in danger..and push come to shove are thin people really that healthy especially with all that smoking..These little thoughts percuolate in the thin..leading to hostility and matyrdom of the slender..

oh well merrie part from the hinterlands...

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