Thursday, April 16, 2009

texans do need a hole in the head

well the storm is here what i mean is that barack has only been at work for 3months and the texans are screaming taxrelief and/or secession. texas is in my opinion is a unpleasant state. the people there are arrogant, as with the supremely arrogant they cannot know why they are so arrogant or explain their unpleasantness to others. well all this comes to a head the US still has cruise missiles, republicans in Texas seem to have forgotten that

Sunday, March 08, 2009

art and prejudice

the auctioning of gandhi artifacts is stirring up contreversy in the art world. basicly the fact is that most of the really large and famous museums most of the collections are made of pilfered artifacts and art. TO listen to the explaination of the curators why these work of art or artifacts can not be given back to the country they originated, has a whiff of patronising contempt.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

starving for help

I just saw a commericial to help the children in the world who have aids. it was a good one and if a speeding ticket had not put my bank account to zero I would have contributed. but this is not a complaint but an observation. there were a lot of anorexic actresses asking for help one all most wishes the charity included helping anorexics. it is distressing to watching movies or television and hoping in the next scene has the anorexics in the movie eating a burger. well I am fat so my body needs less burgers.

merry part bb