Friday, June 29, 2007

all in youur head or bed

Well today on Hecate is an article about the ex-members of exodus that gave an apology to gay persons for belonging to a organization that believes you can pray away Sexual Orientation...But america is a strange country they believe one a can pray away Addiction and send addicts to 12-step programs and a then disappointed when only .08 of these people are cured or control the illness. Americans love to exorcise the mentally ill and then are surprised when not Jesus, but anti-psychotics ten years later down the line cure and control the problem the only demon there was the one called Bio-chemical defiency, oh my what is the Aramaic name for that.

IN america there is a belief that if it is strange or percieved as immoral it is done completely at the will of the person doing the behavior....Why because self Matyrdom is a great love of americans...I could eat that hamburger and be fat, but I have discipline, poor me, evil fat people... I could be gay but I like to stup women, evil bitches, evil gay men..For being a country that is supposed to be so noble and so generous, we really have little true compassion for others and since it is de riguer to be racist or anti-semetic: homophobia, sexism and fatism is now acceptable to preach and practice....even in pagan podiums..the idea that a woman might want to be treated as human being and might not want to practice malnutrition as a way life, to accomodate some men and thin women thus allow them to feel validated, or a women or man not want to stup each other is so radical it must be stomped out with shame, ridicule and law> one wonders exactly what Freudian horrors lie under the subconscious of mainstream america OHH to be the forensic psychoanalyst that studies early 21st century america what a fetid core they will digging up to scruntinize...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Low down and lido

All New-Agers All Pagans All Buddhists...
Christians believe there is only one way to heaven Through christ..One way to achieve salvation and redemption through Christ to be called a Christian one must believe that...The people running the Christian Churchs all believe this or whyforeall would they be sending Missionaries to Hot Humid places but to make more christians not for the Missionaries health and relaxation... People who do not believe this are apostate and disliked and feared by church hierarchy...So liberal Christian support corrupt entities keeping their mouths shut and their wallets open..ANd those running church cynically throw them a Ecumenical bone once in a while especially during Holocaust memorial services (because we pagans caused the event, the new Spin, no need to beg as much when apologizing)...Much breast beating bonding with Jewish Bethren and pointing the blame elsewhere.

There are no liberal christian churches except for Quakers and Unitarian Christians not even 15%of the christian community are these groups..

What is happening to a political Pagan in Maine Rita is happening with tacit approval of the christian community I doubt the political entities of the christian church are crying out at the abuse of a Pagan by one of their orgs..There may be good people who called themselves christian that are horrified, but ARE most christians really that horrified??? They abruptly stopped donating money to the Kennebec democratic Commitee when it was learned they were run by a Pagan...How much is this wing nut and how much is it that christian community stands by its bigoted and intolerant people and organizations

Monday, June 25, 2007

REbellious or growing up

I read an article in the new herald of a christian sect I sometimes read what they are saying just to touch and know what is going on with the dark side...A little bit of yoda exercising....There is a trend among so-called christian intellectuals and pseudo-liberals to tell pagans and others and also imply that we Pagans are middle class spiritual adoloescences futily rebelling against the maturity and wisdom of the church..

I see it another way I am really not rebelling but growing up... The old fairy-tale and hat tricks no longer sell...Why does god hate women?? The answer because of EVe, is no longer acceptable...Why is my buddhist grandmother's soul going to hell?? pray she finds jesus is not acceptable...No pagans are not rebelling they have seen the light and are growing up

Merrie part from the hinterlands....

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy Dearest gave me his ring

Once again stories about Purity Balls are showing up in my environment..I have a big problem with this new custom that the fundies want society to embrace...The Idea that Purity can be coerced in teenage girls in pretend pseudo-incetous environment and bribing the girl with gold rings and princess ball gowns. At a time when these girls should going to proms with young men and learning how communicate with the male sex... these girls are dancing the night away with daddy and get pinned to daddy dearest....But seeing where this is coming from I am not very surprised at the emotional incest being perpetrated with these girls and their fathers.

IN the mid- 80's I was in the recovery movement in Los Angeles and I went to ACA meetings...ACA=Adult Children of Alcoholics or really any dysfunctional family would do. I learned there that the people that quoted the saying put the fun in dysfuntional were Asinine morons in denial or looking for attention...I really became grateful for the fact the whatever excess my family had and childhood abuse I suffered it was much smaller than the burden life had put on other poor souls..There in those meetings many dealt with child sexual abuse and many came from very religious families but in Los Angeles the amount of people suffering was a moderate minority of people..

I moved to the bible belt in the mid-nineties and it did not matter what recovery group I was in there was many people mostly women who qualified to call themselves incest survivors or survivor of childhood sexual abuse....There was no ACA to help them deal...But plenty of Christian Therapists to make certain they were sedated enough and remain christian enough for the Bible Belt....Alot of these women listening to their stories one could find that church was always in the background of the incidents...Many of the perpetrators were in the same church or religion and the religion nearly always denigrated women and viewed them as handmaiden to men....All were terrified to speak up when young because they were afraid that family and church would see them as unpure(that they had commited an sin that needed to be kept quiet to protect the family)...Now these young girls the inheritors of the mantle of handmaiden are being exhorted and bribed with a great deal of money to stay pure and never forget their first love DAddy...The problem is what happens to the girl that does not pass the purity test. What are her psychological problems in the future...Or do fundementalists just want the hymen intact..Another funny thing when I see the pictures of praticipants of these events they tend to be uber-white blond girl with hollywood thin bodies in white ball gowns...It is as though there is a tacit agreement amongst the fathers that fat girls do not count and those daughters can stay at home because the fat has nuetered them sexually....Are fundamentalists really that vain and stupid or maybe they did not think anyone would notice.

Oh well merrie part from the provinces

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fat of the Land

the American Sexuality Magazine has a Article about Women and their feelings of vulnerability in the public place...I need to say that a great number of women deal with the vulnerability with one quick and easy way weight gain. I have done it this way and I have seen many women Molested in childhood or raped as young adult deal with it as weight gain.. I have always wonder if the hatred and contempt that fat people generate in their thin counterparts due more to envy by thin people than anything else. I know from being a thin person and hearing other thin women state that the fear less for the safety of fat friends than thin ones in things like waiting for them enter there houses safely after dropping them off. I see this envy in modern fashion mag when an socially conscious editor brings in a story about Fatism(Yes the discrimination of fat people) it is innudated with letters stating that fat people need to grow up and lose weight..Is the need to be vicious to fat people because we can no longer can be openly mean to someones race or sex or sexual orientation and still be thought of as a thinking person...or is it that being thin is a burden and hard work and can place one in danger from violent sexual perverts..And it disgusts us that we cannot eat and are in danger..and push come to shove are thin people really that healthy especially with all that smoking..These little thoughts percuolate in the thin..leading to hostility and matyrdom of the slender..

oh well merrie part from the hinterlands...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh the Shame of iT!!!!!!!!

Well today I was busy matting a large quantity of prints and packaging them for sale ... so when I finished with the computer and the printer I went downstairs to assemble them while listening to the Television..It was a sad night on the dish...I have a weakness I like true crime shows it comes from my childhood my father was addicted to True Detective Story magazines and I got hooked at an early age.. It got to the point were the liquor store guy would see me coming to buy soda pop and he would have the new mags laid out ...of course my father padded my allowance in case I found a mag he did not pick up it was a win win situation..

For years now I troll the channels looking for shows that I never seen before there aint that many out there....But I am an optimist when it comes to tv I grew up with 7 channels as a child so tv.. now days is bountiful and thank Goddess documentaries are popular nowdays..Unfortunately the court tv was all reality shows today and not any cases when I was watching..

So I put it on Nancy Grace and yes she does care about the victims but I know why she is not a prosecutor anymore She has no objectivity...Innocent before the law until proven guilty is a concept that she failed to learn in law school watching her makes you glad that real witch hunting is a dead sport nowdays unfortunatley Nancy's show proves that metaphorical use of the witch hunt in real life is alive and well...

I learned watching court tv is that the old Russian proverb Never marry a Deacon or a priests son is correct...If I had a nickel for good church going women who gets rubbed out by her husband I would have a Mutual fund acct by now.... If I had a nickel for how many good church going people who go on to massacre small town loads of relatives and friends before a savvy detective looked beyond the facade of respectability I would have a sizeable IRA going...

I learned if you are a Goth, vamp, pagan or have couple of Dion Fortune books in your library and the police show up on your doorstep you might as well give away your belongings because your ass is heading to death row with no get out of jail card even if you find Yahweh in the ninth hour..these are the lessons one learns from true crime literature in it all the victims go to sunday school and If a pagan does the crime its the religion of polytheism that is at fault and if a Monotheist does it might be Satan..Unless you are muslim all bets are off on them..

Paris Hilton is the fourth Sign of the Apocalypse at least that is how conservative pundits are acting or may be she is the Anti-christette...Liberal pundits are all clicking their tongue like a bunch of old Marxist Grandmothers and pretending to be shocked and horrified...A female Celeb goes to jail for a few days For sassing a judge and it is the decline of the western civilization. While male celebs have declared open season on their wives and people shrug their shoulders, Oh well. Dui checks Spousal murder... Paris is the villian not OJ, Barretta or Spector.. She is the reason we are decadent and deserve end times...Yeah Like all this moral indignation about Paris As IF any of the people screaming bloody murder at this event would not if they were in Paris's shoes call in all debts and find A way out of jail..Yeah Little Princess Hasselback like your ass wouldn't be at the phone calling abc and Barbara the minute you hit the station..America Grow up A woman in Northern California was Gang RAped with Three witnesses willing no demanding to give statements and it is not going to be even investigated...Paris is not the Problem it is a country in which Crime against women are viewed as inconsequential and Female delinquencies recieve outrageous attention worthy of gang rapes or sadistic murders... Attention that most rapes and murder do not receive because the victims are women..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Gee maids

I have been reading the blog Hecate and I love it because I always am forced to think when I read it.. one of the entries was about Womb envy and a blog written by Josh Whedon on the Stoning of a Woman in a part of the world that still loves to publicly practice virulent Woman Hatred/// Unlike other parts of the world that like to practice it privately. Since women do have some financial clout in these areas and stoning them to death is contraindicative to a healthy economy and consumptive spending.... A dead and bleeding woman is unable to buy a Five thousand dollars purse..Hecate pointed out the frustration men have at womens power to procreate and I agree that it is a main component of misogny but in a world becoming rapidly overpopuplated I see womb envy as less of a driving component to misogny...I see what Socrates pointed out in ancient times that without misogny and the denigration of women other societial institution such as slavery and racism would not exist...

IN teaching men to view the people most close to them Mother, Wives and sister as other and less than it teaches men to view other men as other and less than.. ALLowing Class structure to form, ethnocentrism and eventually enslavement of other men...For the enslavement of mothers, wives and sisters allow men to easily enslave themselves and allow them to become tools of those in political class system.

But the enslavement of women allows another tool of the elite it works as a safety valve it allows the disenfranchised male and the enslaved male a servant...As a women you are always servant or Handmaiden.. But even a male slave can have a woman to push around..even the lowest male on the totem pole is still one up on a women...Mysogny would not be so enshrined in human kind if it only answered males envy of procreation more than that it allows them to feel superior at least in one area in Mysogny any woman can have a child it takes a penis to be a man.