Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Gee maids

I have been reading the blog Hecate and I love it because I always am forced to think when I read it.. one of the entries was about Womb envy and a blog written by Josh Whedon on the Stoning of a Woman in a part of the world that still loves to publicly practice virulent Woman Hatred/// Unlike other parts of the world that like to practice it privately. Since women do have some financial clout in these areas and stoning them to death is contraindicative to a healthy economy and consumptive spending.... A dead and bleeding woman is unable to buy a Five thousand dollars purse..Hecate pointed out the frustration men have at womens power to procreate and I agree that it is a main component of misogny but in a world becoming rapidly overpopuplated I see womb envy as less of a driving component to misogny...I see what Socrates pointed out in ancient times that without misogny and the denigration of women other societial institution such as slavery and racism would not exist...

IN teaching men to view the people most close to them Mother, Wives and sister as other and less than it teaches men to view other men as other and less than.. ALLowing Class structure to form, ethnocentrism and eventually enslavement of other men...For the enslavement of mothers, wives and sisters allow men to easily enslave themselves and allow them to become tools of those in political class system.

But the enslavement of women allows another tool of the elite it works as a safety valve it allows the disenfranchised male and the enslaved male a servant...As a women you are always servant or Handmaiden.. But even a male slave can have a woman to push around..even the lowest male on the totem pole is still one up on a women...Mysogny would not be so enshrined in human kind if it only answered males envy of procreation more than that it allows them to feel superior at least in one area in life..in Mysogny any woman can have a child it takes a penis to be a man.

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