Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy Dearest gave me his ring

Once again stories about Purity Balls are showing up in my environment..I have a big problem with this new custom that the fundies want society to embrace...The Idea that Purity can be coerced in teenage girls in pretend pseudo-incetous environment and bribing the girl with gold rings and princess ball gowns. At a time when these girls should going to proms with young men and learning how communicate with the male sex... these girls are dancing the night away with daddy and get pinned to daddy dearest....But seeing where this is coming from I am not very surprised at the emotional incest being perpetrated with these girls and their fathers.

IN the mid- 80's I was in the recovery movement in Los Angeles and I went to ACA meetings...ACA=Adult Children of Alcoholics or really any dysfunctional family would do. I learned there that the people that quoted the saying put the fun in dysfuntional were Asinine morons in denial or looking for attention...I really became grateful for the fact the whatever excess my family had and childhood abuse I suffered it was much smaller than the burden life had put on other poor souls..There in those meetings many dealt with child sexual abuse and many came from very religious families but in Los Angeles the amount of people suffering was a moderate minority of people..

I moved to the bible belt in the mid-nineties and it did not matter what recovery group I was in there was many people mostly women who qualified to call themselves incest survivors or survivor of childhood sexual abuse....There was no ACA to help them deal...But plenty of Christian Therapists to make certain they were sedated enough and remain christian enough for the Bible Belt....Alot of these women listening to their stories one could find that church was always in the background of the incidents...Many of the perpetrators were in the same church or religion and the religion nearly always denigrated women and viewed them as handmaiden to men....All were terrified to speak up when young because they were afraid that family and church would see them as unpure(that they had commited an sin that needed to be kept quiet to protect the family)...Now these young girls the inheritors of the mantle of handmaiden are being exhorted and bribed with a great deal of money to stay pure and never forget their first love DAddy...The problem is what happens to the girl that does not pass the purity test. What are her psychological problems in the future...Or do fundementalists just want the hymen intact..Another funny thing when I see the pictures of praticipants of these events they tend to be uber-white blond girl with hollywood thin bodies in white ball gowns...It is as though there is a tacit agreement amongst the fathers that fat girls do not count and those daughters can stay at home because the fat has nuetered them sexually....Are fundamentalists really that vain and stupid or maybe they did not think anyone would notice.

Oh well merrie part from the provinces

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