Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh the Shame of iT!!!!!!!!

Well today I was busy matting a large quantity of prints and packaging them for sale ... so when I finished with the computer and the printer I went downstairs to assemble them while listening to the Television..It was a sad night on the dish...I have a weakness I like true crime shows it comes from my childhood my father was addicted to True Detective Story magazines and I got hooked at an early age.. It got to the point were the liquor store guy would see me coming to buy soda pop and he would have the new mags laid out ...of course my father padded my allowance in case I found a mag he did not pick up it was a win win situation..

For years now I troll the channels looking for shows that I never seen before there aint that many out there....But I am an optimist when it comes to tv I grew up with 7 channels as a child so tv.. now days is bountiful and thank Goddess documentaries are popular nowdays..Unfortunately the court tv was all reality shows today and not any cases when I was watching..

So I put it on Nancy Grace and yes she does care about the victims but I know why she is not a prosecutor anymore She has no objectivity...Innocent before the law until proven guilty is a concept that she failed to learn in law school watching her makes you glad that real witch hunting is a dead sport nowdays unfortunatley Nancy's show proves that metaphorical use of the witch hunt in real life is alive and well...

I learned watching court tv is that the old Russian proverb Never marry a Deacon or a priests son is correct...If I had a nickel for good church going women who gets rubbed out by her husband I would have a Mutual fund acct by now.... If I had a nickel for how many good church going people who go on to massacre small town loads of relatives and friends before a savvy detective looked beyond the facade of respectability I would have a sizeable IRA going...

I learned if you are a Goth, vamp, pagan or have couple of Dion Fortune books in your library and the police show up on your doorstep you might as well give away your belongings because your ass is heading to death row with no get out of jail card even if you find Yahweh in the ninth hour..these are the lessons one learns from true crime literature in it all the victims go to sunday school and If a pagan does the crime its the religion of polytheism that is at fault and if a Monotheist does it might be Satan..Unless you are muslim all bets are off on them..

Paris Hilton is the fourth Sign of the Apocalypse at least that is how conservative pundits are acting or may be she is the Anti-christette...Liberal pundits are all clicking their tongue like a bunch of old Marxist Grandmothers and pretending to be shocked and horrified...A female Celeb goes to jail for a few days For sassing a judge and it is the decline of the western civilization. While male celebs have declared open season on their wives and people shrug their shoulders, Oh well. Dui checks Spousal murder... Paris is the villian not OJ, Barretta or Spector.. She is the reason we are decadent and deserve end times...Yeah Like all this moral indignation about Paris As IF any of the people screaming bloody murder at this event would not if they were in Paris's shoes call in all debts and find A way out of jail..Yeah Little Princess Hasselback like your ass wouldn't be at the phone calling abc and Barbara the minute you hit the station..America Grow up A woman in Northern California was Gang RAped with Three witnesses willing no demanding to give statements and it is not going to be even investigated...Paris is not the Problem it is a country in which Crime against women are viewed as inconsequential and Female delinquencies recieve outrageous attention worthy of gang rapes or sadistic murders... Attention that most rapes and murder do not receive because the victims are women..

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