Monday, April 30, 2007

Pentacle follies

well the pentacle is accepted and of course the mundanes and the unimaginative have begun beating their drums and circling the wagons..or is the pagans beating the drums.. of course to the fundies it is a sign of the apocalypse since nothing about the VA is found in the bible they are running to their worn books of the Left Behind series to find out what this means in the grand scheme of apacolypto..The NY Post finds the Idea of Pagans dying for their country hilarious and showed a tongue and cheek look at a VA headstone..Luckily Pagans are a relatively peaceful lot compared to Mono's we do not recommend that said tongue be torn out or the cheek branded as some religions would of reacted at this kind of insult in the past or right now...The only fatwa we believe in is the fat in the suet of our figgy puddding and usually that is veggie fat..So Pagans should not think this is the end of it because in ten years in Podunk, Bible belt some pagan is going to need to sue a vet cemetary to get said Pentacle because stonewalling by some fundie monomaniacal beureuacrat....Unless a future republican congress makes it against the law to sue against such stonewalling ...The VA is a machiavellian org and just because they say they will don't mean they will...

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