Friday, March 09, 2007

Hillary Bashin and male antics

Well the conservatives are creating a tempest in a teacup to effectively distract us from the fact that a plethora of conservative male candidates that cannot live up to so-called families values they espouse(they despouse the way others delouse)... all the the conservative male candidates are divorced except the one who belongs to a religion that teaches its girls and young women that they are property of a male and thus cannot own property and that the only way they can ascend to their heaven is if their husband after his death calls them to heaven by the woman's secret de-coder ring name to join them there...Thus assuring in their cosmology that a woman is at the same level of regard in heaven as a man's faithful hound dog(no wonder we are called bitches).

I am not against divorce. I am an ex-divorcee with a successful second marriage. Having had an abusive first marriage and watching the antics as a child of two people who could not successfully live together but stayed together for the sake of the children and family values(thanks for the eternal guilt).. I am not against divorce but I am against people who decry it when women do it to leave an abusive situation and ignore men who do so for political expediacy or am just tried of the bitch...It is a break down of the american family when a female does it or a disenfranchised male but if you are a power broker you can stand on the podium and make speeches to overly religious people and conservatives pandering their simplistic view of complex personal relationships and how to fix them...People can fix themselves, they do not need laws passed that are slick ways to give excessively religious and conservative control freaks the fix they need. The power to stick their pruient noses in other people business.

Hillary spoke with a southern accent quick, ready the firing squad . Let's get Jude Law and every other english actor that spoke with an overblown southern accent in overacted tawdry soap operas that effectively minimize ante-bellum racism and excuse the fact that they thought it was cute to own human being. Janet, Hillary, Nicole do wish a last smoke.....

I am sorry southern conservatives. I know that Fox news is trying to make you out as ego-centric and meglomaniacal narcissists, but Hillary is not a racist..I know asians that raised in the south speak with a southern accent, and blacks and latino and heaven forbid, Catholics a whole other race of persons.. Southern twang is a regional accent not a enthic dialect or race based slang... If you are so sensitive and have internalized the bigot view that a southern twang makes you an uneducated boob and the only reason a northerner would speak with one is to insult you then you are the bigot that is ashamed your own regional unigueness.. Hillary used it to show she admires you and that she not ashamed to be lumped in with southerners..That she was proud of the fact that she was the wife of a southern Governor... If that bothers you then you are the racist and regionalist and secretly ashamed of your culture...Let call it what it is Fox News. The fact is that Fox News cannot imagine someone wanting to bond in solidarity with southerners, politically, morally, socially or culturally. To Fox News the Southern culture is one of big bellied racists and shrewish trailer park brides it is not the world of great American writers and innovative Scientists and inventors... The REGIONALISTS AND RACISTS ARE FOX NEWS NOT HILLARY...

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