Friday, May 18, 2007

bye bye

Well good ole Jerry is gone...I really am keeping away for the whole news about him..I do not believe just because you die automatically we forget immeadiately what an ass you were..Rehabilitation of a person reputation and character by death smacks of hypocrisy by the rehabilitators and really does not do the dead any goood they are dead , WHo cares? When my husband told me Falwell was dead I immeadiately told him, I do not want to enjoy this event... I have purposely kept my mind on not celebrating or wish any dire underworld event occur to the man, but I can see why others would enjoy celebrating..the man was an ass in biblical proportions in believing and saying Cruel demeaning and Hateful things about others..In turn others should feel the right to do the same to him especially those he speciously attacked...After crowing at REagan's death I am purposely keeping quiet about Falwell's.. IT is not conducive to raising good energy to gloat and I have been doing energy work..

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