Friday, June 29, 2007

all in youur head or bed

Well today on Hecate is an article about the ex-members of exodus that gave an apology to gay persons for belonging to a organization that believes you can pray away Sexual Orientation...But america is a strange country they believe one a can pray away Addiction and send addicts to 12-step programs and a then disappointed when only .08 of these people are cured or control the illness. Americans love to exorcise the mentally ill and then are surprised when not Jesus, but anti-psychotics ten years later down the line cure and control the problem the only demon there was the one called Bio-chemical defiency, oh my what is the Aramaic name for that.

IN america there is a belief that if it is strange or percieved as immoral it is done completely at the will of the person doing the behavior....Why because self Matyrdom is a great love of americans...I could eat that hamburger and be fat, but I have discipline, poor me, evil fat people... I could be gay but I like to stup women, evil bitches, evil gay men..For being a country that is supposed to be so noble and so generous, we really have little true compassion for others and since it is de riguer to be racist or anti-semetic: homophobia, sexism and fatism is now acceptable to preach and practice....even in pagan podiums..the idea that a woman might want to be treated as human being and might not want to practice malnutrition as a way life, to accomodate some men and thin women thus allow them to feel validated, or a women or man not want to stup each other is so radical it must be stomped out with shame, ridicule and law> one wonders exactly what Freudian horrors lie under the subconscious of mainstream america OHH to be the forensic psychoanalyst that studies early 21st century america what a fetid core they will digging up to scruntinize...

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