Thursday, May 03, 2007

oh the humanity

I really getting irritated at human beings specism as a PETA friend calls it... I am listening to a movie downstairs as I roam the internet...Once again I hear How great we are because we are the only species who know that we die..Last time I talked to my dog or cat or snake I did not have philosophical conversation with them...It went more along the lines of "Dammit couldn't you wait till I let you out" or "What you want to eat again"...The language barrier made it impossible to discuss the futility and the fatality of life and so that and any thealogical discussions were impossible so I don't know how much they comprehend...But the Human need to assume that they are so much better than the animal world constantly smacks of insecurity as any misanthrope like Swift would point out maybe we are not the apex of the animal kingdom but the horses behind..

merrie part from the hinterlands

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