Friday, August 31, 2007

cnn- and asia

I was a coming downstairs to see how my husband is doing, he had surgery on tiuwsday and was being kept up by the pain.. I heard the news on Cnn stating that bags of potatoe chips had been sent to the Usa laced with poison an acid, but also others. I know that I am a small brained Savannah female, but is it not dangerous to place in the hands of a foreign country the manufacture of ones food. It seems also dangerous to use a country that is Idealogically at war with a Capitalist country like the USA. But that is just a Observation I guess corporate america and the president know better.. Or maybe the population of the world is such that a little thinning of the herd from contaminated food is not something ,the Powers that be, care about.
I see something that might be disturbing to the Chinese elite. It looks as though the proletriant paradise is producing good little worker bees that seem to be taking a great deal of enjoyment out of embarassing the politburo with product tampering,,,Maybe China is not that stable a financial investment..It seems even amongst the asians, working in sweatshops with sweatshop pay and conditions is not appreciated... Just because the Government appproves of sweatshops does not mean the workers in them approve of being abused and exploited...I think that they enjoyed watching the elite heads roll at the scandals and now they just are product tampering for the hell of it...It is not as though the products are going to anyone that cares about them or are of any help to them..

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