Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rascally Rabbits

Well Easter is over with a pleasant family meal and no talk of religion at it..Thank Goddess Quiet and the food was delicious my sister-in-laws cooking has improved a great deal since she started cooking diabetic...My downstairs is almost finished my obsessively watching Clean House and Niecy Nash has paid off I have a kitchen worthy of a small magazine spread now when I am depressed I just go to the kitchen look at it and sigh the sigh of a contented amatuer interior designer...Of course being the large and overfed children at heart that my husband and I are we have plastered fat and jolly dragons on the wall above the sink and stove using the excuse that the dragons will protect the paint job from splatters of grease and dirty dish water...Something a Style mavens would shudder at...But I believe any excuse to decorate with a Fairy or dragon or preferably both is a good excuse.

So reading blogs and listening to fundamentally bent acquaintances I get the feeling that people of the fundie persuasion wish to exorcise the ghost of pagan past from Christmas and now Easter...Unfortunately amongst the english that was tried by the Calvinists called puritans or roundheads...But they did not call it the pagan influence it was a push to get rid of popery and popish(catholic) influence in the Church of England....A civil war occurred in which many noble things were espoused and then religious fanatics took over england and the Massachusettes colony..the good old pilgrims made any partying a illegal...Any celebration of Christmas or Easter left one open to a large fine or the stock depending on your social class....This lasted about twenty years in which all competing forms of Christianity to the Calvinist were outlawed and many of other sects especially the Irish Catholics died in inhumane Pogroms by the puritans...

This ended with the death of the puritan leader Cromwell and led to the monarchy being restored and the English embarking on a twenty year party to celebrate the end of the reign of a christian version of the taliban...That is kind of like why I laugh when I hear so-called historians talk about the pilgrim coming up with the notion freedom of religion or democracy...Religious fundamentalists do not believe in freedom they do not trust it or want it...

Modern Democracy was born in the Age of REason by Philosphers and social scientists. It was not fundamentalist christian, political or social conservatives who created created modern democracy they were busy defending the divine right of kings and waging war between Protestants and Catholics...Suffrage for the common man and literacy for them also, was the provenance of the radical at that time...To say America is a Christian Nation is true alot of Americans are christian and most of the signer of the declaration of Independence were Christian If any were Atheists or agnostics is lost to history as that time being a vocal atheist meant that the crown could torture you, take away your property and burn you to death...much harsher fate than the mere hanging that signing the declaration would have brought them...There is a legit reason why atheists hate religion that goes beyond their belief in atheisms superiority...Atheist have always been tied on the stake next to the witch, case in point Italian Astronomer Bruno.
So to take to Heart the Easter Bunny survived the puritans and it will survive the fundies gunning for it the way Elmer chased Bugs all over the forest, she will just keep goin and goin like the Goddess.

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