Friday, August 24, 2007

a name and rose gardens rose

I just got off of Philospher's playground and I started thinking about semantics and the difference brought up the naming of act like killing and murder..Murder connotates a crime where as killing can be anything from state execution to self defense..a generic catchall..Like calling the murder of a young woman an honor killing instead of an honor murder as if it is parental discipline taken a tad to far..As though parental massacre is ridiculous and some teenagers are vexing enough to kill. As though young women are family property to do with and thus it cannot be murdered if a family kills one. It is like calling Domestic Violence, spousal abuse and not spousal attack..Attack is direct and shows premeditation, abuse gives the picture kicking the wife around like an old shoe or dog... something one carelessly does to ones property..Not something one should do but if it happens no big deal..With the term abuse comes the unconscious judgement, of what the vicitm did or why the victim allowed it..Not the truth that the prepatrator at that moment spurriously attacked a supposed loved..Abuse allows those effected to wallow in blaming the victim. Whereas No one really ever asks to be attacked.

Another site a British cop female of course gave a satirical and cynical manual on what a victim must do to get a rape conviction, being a trained rape crisis center worker I can say the satire is dead on right. All though the male commentors on the sight found it hard to believe a female may-be raped by a male..PC Blogg- twentieth century police woman or man I forgot which.

It is sometimes not hard to see, why going gay seems the way, in face of such male stupidity..I must say I am happy to be married to a man who loves the fact and will enlighten people to the fact that He is a lesbian trapped in a male body and a butch dyke no less. So at home I do not have put up such Male driven Idiocy.

Well I went to the gym this week after not working due strenuous volunteer work.. I found that Fox News is still catering to paranoids and that obese people have a Virus that makes them fat on CNN. It was a miracle the announcer looked as though he had an AHA moment in which a Prejudice Paradigm switched and Compassion entered for fat people I love seeing that on the News those quiet AHA annoucement no ponderous sermonizing or a saw the light witnessesing but a simple change in spoken attitude..It made getting to the gym at 5 in the morning worth it/

Well merrie part from the Hinterlands and Blessed be
As the full moon goes so may continued prosperity of all last in its waning. Hail Selene.

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