Sunday, May 13, 2007

nattering and ranting and blessings

Yesterday a fashion Mag entered my possession the mail person brought it and today I went on a Marie Claire binge as I had not read any of them for 3months..It is a good mag and tries hard to be politically savvy. Unfortuantely amongst the writers is a faint whiff of contempt for feminism while trying at heart to be feminist in helping to better the women's lot in life around the world..This is the conundrum, the last thing women want is to be tarred with the any hint of feminism... It is like the women who want equal protection in the work place but politically distance themselves from the clear-eyed people trying to achieve it ... They want the benefits of feminism but they do not want the ridicule that comes with being a feminist.(abit chicken shit of mine and the next generation). It is as though we fear that good-looking and charming sexist will not want to be with us If we show some back bone and political radicalness..

I cannot chastize without admitting during the 80's I back down from feminism and sucked in my gut and bit my tongue and married a Charming sexist..It got after 5 years, me being kicked out and on my parents doorstep...Of course in therapy for being a recalcitrant woman because that is what we do to troublesome women. They are sent to therapist or 12-steps...What I needed was consciousness raising exactly what poor Britney Spears and dear Lindsey LOhan need...

A little black belt feminism goes along way in 90's rereading Germaine Greer, Simone,BrownMiller and the modern Backlash. These Women Invigorated me and imaginary addictions disappeared and happy fatness occured..for the first time in ten years I went to a restaurant did not eat rabbit food. Yes immersion into Black belt feminism worked miracles that our father or the serenity prayer could never achieve it was salvation through activism and spirituality became clean like a diamond sutra for women: feminism and Yes Goddess Worship, because If you cannot worship OUR Goddess Or see the Divine Feminine then it dose not matter what your liberal ecumenical creds are you are still a conservative women because FEMALE DIVINITY IS SO IMPOSSIBLE YOU CANNOT EVEN SAY THE PRONOUN SHE IN CONNECTION WITH GOD OR FEAR TO SAY are not superior in calling God He because God is sexless you are too afraid to go among people and say it..SHE 3 letters that you cannot say because of male conditioning given you disgust for femaleness equating it with bestiality, unholiness and thus whenever you hear someone say She you feel a need belittle them by implying they are nitpicking when they performing an act of courage..

In movies 13 Warrrior to Gaudi Afternoon Goddess worshipper are demonized as horrors or ridiculed as hypocrtical leeches by real working lapsed catholic intellectual women...THat are too afraid to tell the church to go fuck off..It is really enraging as well as disheartening and depressing to go to a movie Start to Enjoying it and Discover it is really an exercise in Lynching Goddess spirituality, idealogy and Goddess worshippers...Masquerading as a adventure or a comedy but hiding the message disdain to women and men who actually view the feminine as holy.

But I will look at the bright side If we must be demonized or ridiculed then Goddess resonants in the world...Where She has kept quiet now She speaks..The Seventh age is over And Mother is back, pushing into the back ground a shame faced Son...Goddess is back...Goddess bless.
picture by Mark ATwood = Pele Rising
Merrie part from the Hinterlands............

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