Thursday, March 08, 2007

bee scarves and sexism

Today we are supposed to blog on sexism...I thought about and remember a statement Bill Maher said on his show He was making a statement about religion How the Saudi's put their women half the population in Bee keeper suits..He said if we in america or say south africa had did this to its black population Jesse Jackson would have collapsed on the UN floor in Apoplexy.. The out cry would be great and large that a group were treated in such an inferior manner...And the outcry should be great, blacks should not be treated so...but when it is done to middle-eastern women it is honky-Dory because it is religion that wants it and no one cries..He being an atheist used this showing how ridiculous religion is...I think that he missed the point it is not religion that puts these women into bee keeper suits devout muslim men are supposed to cover their heads before Allah in theocracies in the middle east they do, but If school catches on fire they do not tell their little princes to go back into the conflagration because their heads are uncovered they did do that to Schoolgirls causing a large number of them to burn to death( and they tell us the Burning Times are over).

The reason we do not see women in Bee keeper Suits (and being run down by cars they cannot see is third highest cause of death for Middle eastern women) Not Causing hysteria amongst liberals and anyone else is THAT THE PERSON IN THE BEEKEEPER SUIT IS A WOMAN...Now do not get me wrong I have nothing against a muslim women wearing head scrarf if they wished or plain clothing or what ever else is safe for them to wear. Unlike some Feminists I have nothing against covering ones head if it is that persons choice.. I grew up in California and went school many muslim women and some of them look positively beatific in their attire like young Theatokises. What I have is a thing about forcing women to look bad in clothes because a man has so little control over his wee-wee he cannot be around an attractively dressed women, that I have a large problem with that...if you have so little self-control, then you should not be in charge of a family let alone a country... You are one that needs to be in the harem..and it is beginning to happen in the US among conservative christians... It is really bad when you look at the taliban and envy them. That is what the super fundies are doing by dressing daughter in floor length jeans skirt and sons in dockers and polo shirts... believe me a score of these girls are not choosing to look that bad. Again it goes on because Sexism is a natural condition for all these people and liberal men do not have a good record on this issue....

I NO LONGER REFER TO THE FEMALE SEX AS A SEX I use the term race because obvious thinking of myself and females as a seperate sex invites abuse and for some women death... No there is a new race in town crosses colorline and has no ethinicity.. Because cleaving to the men of race is not going to bring equality, may-be for the male but not for the female... Push come to shove whatever color you are you still do not have a cock and in this world that is all that really counts.

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