Friday, November 07, 2008


well the election is over and I must admit that election day was the most moving a day since watching the POW's return from vietnam. I do not wish to ruin the glow of it all.
so Merry part.

Friday, October 31, 2008


well I must say that the more I hear Obama talk the more I am relieved. I was for clinton but I like Obama because he has common sense and that get to itness not seen in a long time. now I sit and worry I hope he will not be the first political Martyr of the 21st century in America.

Monday, May 05, 2008

immigrants and illegality

I am a radical when it comes to political and social beliefs, but with illegal immigration and bilingualism I fight to have reasonable belief and not fascist ones. I grew 1st generation American in the barrio and it was tough. Had my father not been an NCO and later worked for the post office and my parents stayed together my life would have been a brief episode of Cops. I would have known the true meaning of trailer trash.

The problem with illegal immigration does not lie with the immigrant. But with the massive business structure that surround the hiring and moving of the immigrant into the country. These people are not nice and many are mob bosses. the simple way to end illegal immigration is for big business to return factories to America. Get the American worker their jobs back and to have Big business and Us government open across the border offices and in Asia to sponsor people who qualify for the need to immigrate for special jobs that pay lower for the first five years, but then allow full green card status. This should allow the us government to track the immigrants concerning breaking the law and having them sign pledge for no signing up for assistance for the first five years.

What makes us children of WW2 immigrants angry at liberals that they want to give illegal immigrants a free ride. to get into America even at the turn of the century one needed sponsorship of a church, company, relation who had a residency or citizenship. At WW2 when people were starving immigrants waited for years in refugee camps for sponsorship into any country. Also the immigrants needed to sign a pledge not to apply for public assistance for 10 years. So to complain about how bad illegals have it they have it as bad as thieves and drug addicts and other lawbreakers. They are Illegal entrants in this country and not immigrants.

Well I tried to be reasonable I know that the poor are not to blame for their poverty, but even in America there is no free ride..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

lying liars

well every one is running around with a chicken with their heads cut of over the fact that a women and a black man are running for president and both have a good chance...but sexism is rising as liberal men show their true colors in screaming that Hillary should quit using everything not making the party devisive, to stay in the kitchen patronage barely veiled(as if she would not know want to do when an emergency call comes in at three in the morning obviously they think she should be servicing mister Clinton or sleeping in New york like a good little hausfrau senator.

Hillary is a liar well all politicians lie and that is a good thing because being in the military and working in a government position for a few months I learned that most of the people do not want to hear the truth they want a slick and easy solution to their problems they face in running the country. No politician is ever going to admit what happened to the 2 trillion surplus we had at the end of the Clinton reign.....But because of that surplus I know Hillary knows what it takes to get the US out of debt. Obama was a one term senator He has no experience on Capitol Hill. Nothing with working to get the Us out of debt. I do not believe that he has the toughness to deal with what Bush, his oil cronies and the evangelicals have done to America.

I am not racist but simply a realist. do you want to go with experience player or put the country in the hands of a wild card.

merry part and blessed be

Friday, April 18, 2008

of poems and poetry

I like to get on the Poem of the Week because though I am a poet I rarely read or by other poets books. I have read Steinbeck early poems and Robert Frosts those I enjoyed but I am not impressed by TS Elliot. In my heart I prefer more baroque poets like Coleridge and Donne, Blake I have only read a minuscule amount but I wish to buy some more collections of his works. Yeats is a God and so is Rumi. As a child my father had an rare old book of Omar Kayain's ( if misspelled forgive me). It seems to me that the minimalism so popular and returning again in art is truly an excuse for sloppy art because as my dad used to say if it is good then you don't need a critic to talk you into liking the art.

mp bb

Friday, April 11, 2008

Americans and stupidity.

I am not one to think that Americans are inherently stupid, because push come to shove the unwashed masses usually try to do the good deal. They are just not given the chance since the the Cold War and the Founding of the Industrial Military complex, it has been hard for the average American to receive even a decent education. In the 60's there were programs for the child with high IQ's but the rest wallowed in boring classes. I saw a video about Americans not knowing anything about anything but if someone had a camera in my face and said I being taped for television I might not be able to answer a question by simple human condition called being flustered( an old fashion word).

Americans are pretty smart they know the clock is ticking that for the working man 1890's are coming back...They just do not know what to do to stop it and unions are so corrupt that they and the worker have abandoned each other. Universities make more money off of foreign students that for the lower classes that opportunity of climbing into the middle-class is drying up.

America Is now becoming the Playground of the worlds rich and soon being and marrying a Barista or sto will be the equivalent of marrying up.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tibet and mongolia

I get extremely angry when I think about China and our relationship as a country with her or him. It makes me ashamed that we support a communist stalinist country..All those mall are in the city the peasant and they are still peasants are working in the country and starving or in not sweat shops but slave Tibet formerly a free country, people are being gunned down by a foreign occupier. Religious leaders in the west click their tongues while secretly relived that China is doing for them what America will not need to do in the future getting rid of heavy competition. As Tibet is the only country to be converted to pacifism by a religion, no not even that but a philosophy.

I hate the fact that to be a green-friendly, fair trade buying person is impossible for anyone but the upper class and they love to flaunt it..Blaming us poor lower class fat shulbs for the problem as consumers but never giving us affordable humane substitute..What started this rant is I was doing laundry and I looked at the back of the tag that said Marianas, USA, up front and I saw with a pen written Dar fur. Someone snapped with that shirt and wrote the truth....Good for them...

Monday, March 03, 2008

rumbling and tumbling

well on the east coast eco-terrorist are acting up by burning a bunch of supposedly eco-friendly mansions. Much ado is being made by the locals while the feds are keeping their cards close to their pockets stating that no incendiary devices were found while the local fire dept disagrees. Elf did it and I know these people mean well, but I wish they leave the elves out of their misguided effort to clean up the earth because soon someone is going to die.

every day there seems to be another shootout somewhere in an office, a mall, a school, or a university. Is it that earth and America has reached it's limit in population in which people may live sanely. Maybe we need Population Zero commercials again with superstars, stars and starlets without bumps pleading some common sense to us in heartland. Maybe that will get rid of the 16 and one more on the way idiocy shows the learning channel enjoys to put on the weekend.


I wish , I wish, truly wish for her success I lived though the Clinton admin as a disalbled vet. It was wonderful the hospital did not stink on the weekend so bad that you begged the doctor to cut you loose. It was a pristine world during their reign a lost real CAmelot a Camelot for adults and the poor. Not the 60's version of the yuppies, that Kennedy had seduced.