Tuesday, July 10, 2007

skewed judgment

Well I was on Feminsting as I read a came upon an interesting blog one on judging women and use of judgemental opinion as driving force in public policy concerning women's issues....Someone did a survey about women that have ordered PlanB and their opinion about it being available to women over the counter...they thought it was a good Idea except that some women might use it as an excuse to party down and fuck everything in sight. These are the amorphous women that inspire around the world religious regimes and mysognist societies to do horrendously physical acts and pass evil barbaric laws that affect all women in order control these shadow women...These are the women that men see when they rape a little teenager in a mini-skirt because she is asking for it...These amorphous baby-eatin, dog-fuckin, cock-destroyin, castratin She monsters that society must be protected from...Unlike the nuclear bomb buildin, destructive, womin-hatin, sexually assaultin, murderin, doggin He-monsters that rarely affects society and wrecks havoc. It is the sluts we need to worry about and not the insanity of the male species. I suppose that these women with these fears of the Plan b pills never thought that women they fear will misuse the pill are the ones least capable raising children and are the ones the should given or put on contraception as quickly as possibly, do not pass go...But then we would be promoting promiscuity instead of protecting infants and repressing sex is much more important than protecting a child..

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