Saturday, March 10, 2007

mistake misled misuse and mass distraction

Well male liberals are running around kvetching about Hillary and the words mistake and mislead. They are throwing around bullshit moral self-righteousness as though the primary is rose garden in bad need of fertilizing...Hillary said that she was mislead into making the wrong decision concerning the vote in the senate about Iraq...Like any good bearueacrat she is telling us with the word mislead that the decision was a wrong one. That being informed by the Bush administration with faulty and false info led to that descision being made... These male candidates are running around taking the moral high ground in phony semantics debate that has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with the male habit of nitpicking any work a woman does...Sorry, men saying "you made a mistake" is not the high threshold of ethical and moral statements or behavior you believe it is.....Every day women are told by men they make a mistake. Every thing from getting the secretary pregnant was a mistake to leaving the toilet seat up. Rarely do men wonder why they made the mistake it just happened....We are not impressed...Men believe that saying, "I made a mistake" and prefaced with, "I am sorry", clears everything up... It really never does address the problem, "I made a mistake", can mean "It did not work out oops"... It is as if the Iraq war is a freeway and these men took the wrong exit AND this how much they thought about it or are going to admit was going on when they voted...Because these men think that worse thing they can do is admit that they made mistake. They would never cop to the worst truth that they were lied to, pressured to and therefore hoodwinked into voting yes...Of all of them, Hillary is the most honest because women learn early on if they do not assess the situation find out what went wrong and explain the reasoning behind the wrong decision they are not employed very long....Every women has heard,"what was going on in your head", constantly since childhood. That it is a MANTRA for a parent to say it...And women know that the person asking, is not saying it to exercise their lungs and vocal cords..SAying "I made a mistake" not a righteous declaration. Saying"I was mislead' is A TRUTHFUL EXPLANTION...It shows that the decision to go to war was a serious one for Hillary and she is angry about the situation she was put in... Which bodes well for if she is elected she will angry enough to do something about the situation and it will be well thought out...Because she has discovered the problem in the decision and is not going to use false sentiment and hemming and hawing as a political affectation.

When a women says, I made a mistake, it is reacted with "How can that silly cow had done that.."

When a man says," I made a mistake", he is a big man for admiting it...

Had Hillary been the first candidate to say they had made a mistake then every male candidate would telling us he was mislead and showing us how it occured.

OLD BOYS NETWORK IS CLOSING RANKS with a large degree of hypocritical self-righteous smugness

But americans live on bullshit we hear from politicians, religious leaders and cultural icons day and night..

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