Sunday, September 02, 2007

Living the liberation

I need to write something that I believe is traitorous but true Feminists need to stop blaming men for the stupidity of females and I mean the bubble headed blondes of the conservatives..I grew up working class and in the barrio and am mixed race I am a radical and proud of it ... I was raised to be a conservative in a religion that is at best called fundementalist..I am a radical and My sister is referred in the family as the madonna of Bellflower and a republican. I honestly believe that if you are working class male or female and a republican you are a fool and have allowed others to do your thinking for you. The problem with continuing to blame patriarchy is that we must start to blame the agents of patriarchy the mothers for their part in the raising of people so foolish that they would vote into office people that would murder their sons and daughters by proxy by starting a war and then make them feel good about the murder by pumping the soldiers family with empty phrases of national jingoism and religious elitism..The Sad thing is once you reach 18-years old male or female you need to learn how to think and how to think for your self or you spend your life as pathetic as Dear Rush regurgitating Dad's racism, sexism and classism while chug-a-lugging Hillbilly heroin.

The crux of the matter is we live in a country trapped by Mom and Dad's superstitions and hatred and worn out religion all the while to scared to let go of their love and regard and believe me they know how to manipulatie the little one to believe what family party line is...Or why do we have Mel Gibson saying that his father never told him an untruth.. Social Conservatives families raise their children to be naive and childlike to authority. Why because they are authoritarian? And to them indoctrination is the way to educate not learning knowledge. Knowledge gets you kicked out of pretty gardens. THe child's welfare is not important as much a the parents continued belief in the party line that they learned from their parents.

Even worse than intergenerational conservatives are the newly converted conservative.. but all these people believe that they can turn back the clock a return to simpler and nicer time by taking something away from someone with less power than them..Instead of realizing that they are scapegoating people,behavior or naively finding solutions to society's problems by restricting behavior(ususally of the female sex). Some of their solutions are absurd and scary.

While blithely believing that broken homes and a complex societal interactions will be fixed by a teenage girl signing a pledge and living in a modern harem until young amercan fascist can marry her and keep her in her place. One Wonders when the glow of purity balls fades and tarnishes if these young women will soon find harsher methods used to insure purity.. Like honor murder or attack here and there.

But I am exaggerating, I hope..I have always had a sneaking suspicion that social conservatives in the US always envied the radical conservatives of the Middle East..Nothing in watching their behavior has caused that suspicion to be allayed.

We are living in a time of crisis WE do not have time for fairy-tales of our parents..The rich and powerfull are evil, if simply for the fact that they refuse to accept hard truths and force humankind into a measure of responsibility starting with the people that made an obscene amount of wealth from the destruction of the environment.

Remember these people were born of women and women had input in the rearing of them..So IN this time of crises women must man the breaches and especially disabuse ourselves of fairytales of the past..we do not live in a time that we can raise children to believe in sloppy logic and fairytales. Nor can we teach them to assign blame to the powerless or simplistic thinking in face of the hard complex issues that need to be solved..The human race needs to grow up and get smart. Every individual needs to think for themselves or die because at this time if you snooze it will not be you but that small child or grandchild of yours that loses...What a terrrible legacy of destruction we will leave them..Just like one our parents left us that hampers and makes harder the cleaning up we need to do. Environmentalist were screeching at our parents and all that our parents did was teach us to hold them in contempt and call them tree Hugger..This alone should prove that those that taught us to be conservative were either too dumb to realize and/or neither particularly cared that the next generation would have live with the harm done to the planet. A generational truth about the true concerns of parents and the welfare of the child, in which a fairytale of destruction is more important and entertaining..Than the work of leaving ones children a planet they can live on and prosper. It is more important to force an Abused deity to peform a cosmic miracle than to leave ones children with enough clean air, water and wildlife to survive..The height of selfishness from the family values set.

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