Sunday, July 08, 2007

in the crucible of war Who is the enemy?

On the Fourth of July there was a bitter melancholy at watching America Celebrate a country that I once loved to the point of beleiving inane and delusional political beliefs that I held because I wished to protect America..In my youth I once thought Before the TRilogy of Idiocy that I partly participated the REagan, Bush and Bush theocracies. I was proud to be american to be born here, Now I realize that the help of my Goddess and a accident of tragic luck. None my good fortune now that has occured because of my ex-political beliefs and of ex-friends and family. For if they had their way being another Vet under the Freeway overpass would have been my fate..I think that they would relish the sympathy of that. Than having to accept the fact that getting federal help for a disability service connected is easing a leftist liberal ingrate.. Conservatives love to wave the Flag tell people how patriotic they are, but when it comes to raising the salary of soldier or the fact they always are working to limit Veteran Benefits they are not infused with generosity even should I imply christian charity ...A few months ago I read about a Vet that is being hunted in a military witch hunt because he wore his cammies at a protest, despite removing insignia which makes his uniform Illegal and not a uniform. Complaining a pundit of the right, groused about the fact that the VET was so ungrateful to Bush for his gift of camoflague wear(and a all paid trip to the middle east) the said vet should summarily lose all his Veteran Benefits..WE are so generous to our patriots, the freedom ain't free class, that now they have their wish Veteran's no longer have their freedom of speech for fear of not getting medical help.

But I read the post on the blog Group News Blog about the fact that in Iraq there are more paid mercenaries in the employ of the US of fact 160,000 about forty thousand more that fighting US soldiers there.

Much of the talk about War crimes swirl around these Mercs. Exorbitantly paid Mercs and Below minimum wage paid US soldiers it still the underpaid warrior showing any true compassion to the Iraq's but to them merc or army they still considered America soldiers..

Conservative will use false platitudes to see that every one knows they love the troops..But in their mind like the deserving poor, there is also a new class, the deserving Veteran.. If they could help the deserving veteran with right attitude, religion and even war wounds and filter out all the shwalele. Then caring and conservatism would be so much easier, kinder and caring conservative.
Merrie part from the Hinterlands and behind enemy lines in the battle to return America to Freedom and greatness. One state at a time, one court battle at a time. FReedom ain't free until your freed.

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