Sunday, May 13, 2007

Child Day stump

Today is Mother's Day and to the unfertile a problematic day..I could look at this day in two ways misanthropically or spiritually.>>I did not realize I had a choice..But in fact I can hate mothers day sorrowfully or cantakerously or view it as a day to celebrate DM the Great Mother the guiding intellegence of the universe...Thinking about it further I can do all three all day...I am not a person that tends to be impressed the title mother...Having been mothered badly as a child and viewing bad parenting as a constant in reality around me... I am not impressed by the title mother or father and do not fall to the ground in awe the few times that they get things right with their children...I do love children and believe that they need to be worshipped... The poor things did not have a choice in the families they are in, Tibetan Book of the DEAd not withstanding....Of course mother's and father's love to complain about the burden of childrearing in the world and then vote in anti-child government administration run by people whose wives most probably allowed a nanny to raise the child...We need a child day holiday without the religious bells and whistles something that honors all the love that children give their parents until they realise it is not the they(child) that the parents love but the fantasy child that they(the parents) are molding into existence...

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