Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Low down and lido

All New-Agers All Pagans All Buddhists...
Christians believe there is only one way to heaven Through christ..One way to achieve salvation and redemption through Christ to be called a Christian one must believe that...The people running the Christian Churchs all believe this or whyforeall would they be sending Missionaries to Hot Humid places but to make more christians not for the Missionaries health and relaxation... People who do not believe this are apostate and disliked and feared by church hierarchy...So liberal Christian support corrupt entities keeping their mouths shut and their wallets open..ANd those running church cynically throw them a Ecumenical bone once in a while especially during Holocaust memorial services (because we pagans caused the event, the new Spin, no need to beg as much when apologizing)...Much breast beating bonding with Jewish Bethren and pointing the blame elsewhere.

There are no liberal christian churches except for Quakers and Unitarian Christians not even 15%of the christian community are these groups..

What is happening to a political Pagan in Maine Rita is happening with tacit approval of the christian community I doubt the political entities of the christian church are crying out at the abuse of a Pagan by one of their orgs..There may be good people who called themselves christian that are horrified, but ARE most christians really that horrified??? They abruptly stopped donating money to the Kennebec democratic Commitee when it was learned they were run by a Pagan...How much is this wing nut and how much is it that christian community stands by its bigoted and intolerant people and organizations

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