Monday, June 25, 2007

REbellious or growing up

I read an article in the new herald of a christian sect I sometimes read what they are saying just to touch and know what is going on with the dark side...A little bit of yoda exercising....There is a trend among so-called christian intellectuals and pseudo-liberals to tell pagans and others and also imply that we Pagans are middle class spiritual adoloescences futily rebelling against the maturity and wisdom of the church..

I see it another way I am really not rebelling but growing up... The old fairy-tale and hat tricks no longer sell...Why does god hate women?? The answer because of EVe, is no longer acceptable...Why is my buddhist grandmother's soul going to hell?? pray she finds jesus is not acceptable...No pagans are not rebelling they have seen the light and are growing up

Merrie part from the hinterlands....

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