Friday, April 18, 2008

of poems and poetry

I like to get on the Poem of the Week because though I am a poet I rarely read or by other poets books. I have read Steinbeck early poems and Robert Frosts those I enjoyed but I am not impressed by TS Elliot. In my heart I prefer more baroque poets like Coleridge and Donne, Blake I have only read a minuscule amount but I wish to buy some more collections of his works. Yeats is a God and so is Rumi. As a child my father had an rare old book of Omar Kayain's ( if misspelled forgive me). It seems to me that the minimalism so popular and returning again in art is truly an excuse for sloppy art because as my dad used to say if it is good then you don't need a critic to talk you into liking the art.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Americans and stupidity.

I am not one to think that Americans are inherently stupid, because push come to shove the unwashed masses usually try to do the good deal. They are just not given the chance since the the Cold War and the Founding of the Industrial Military complex, it has been hard for the average American to receive even a decent education. In the 60's there were programs for the child with high IQ's but the rest wallowed in boring classes. I saw a video about Americans not knowing anything about anything but if someone had a camera in my face and said I being taped for television I might not be able to answer a question by simple human condition called being flustered( an old fashion word).

Americans are pretty smart they know the clock is ticking that for the working man 1890's are coming back...They just do not know what to do to stop it and unions are so corrupt that they and the worker have abandoned each other. Universities make more money off of foreign students that for the lower classes that opportunity of climbing into the middle-class is drying up.

America Is now becoming the Playground of the worlds rich and soon being and marrying a Barista or sto will be the equivalent of marrying up.