Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jesse James, Dalton Gang and Dillenger Where have you gone?

I was sitting in front of the TV this morning trying to get my motivation going to get my flu ridden body to the bank and cash a check and go pay a bill...A commercial showing a bank manager and his underlings robbing a group of customers appeared and I realized that people in the trendy elite are starting to get the picture about America...It is a country now that it is impossible for the working poor to accumulate wealth and set their children up for a better life...The bank institutions with no federal regulations have become robber barons...There will soon be little difference between them and the instutions used by the mob...Bank of America charges 5 dollars for every check cashed wrote on their institution...If you are so poor that you cannot put a check in your checking acct. or to even have a checking acct. can you really afford a bank to steal an hours worth of work from you for the privelege of cashing one of their own checks....My mother died a few years ago she left a checking acct. in a bank near my home when she lived with me...When she died I went to cash out the acct. it had 250.00 dollars in it....Because she had not used the acct. for 2years there was a penalty to pay because it was such a hard burden for them to hold that money...I thought Bummer and expected to pay a 20/30 dollar bank fee they gave me 25.oo dollars out of 250.00. I did not realize that money was so hard to take care of. I wonder what the expense was...Is it the Bullshit that bankers throw around needed to fertilize the money is that the great expense is it organic...DOes money need the blood that banker squeeze out of their customers for it to grow. or do bankers expect to send cash to a reputable Ivy league school to become Smart money....I would like to know what is the reason? What cost so much when all they need to do was hold my money and cash an occasional check...What is the reason that the bank after holding money that they did not need to do anything with to charge a bank fee that is literally worth 90% of the money being held...In case you want scream inheritance tax my mother lived in another state when she died and california never saw a red cent and I was told that they the banking Institution suffered so much trauma and difficulty holding that money they needed to rob me blind of it, Sorry dead woman's child but we suffered to.

What this brings to mind is that Americans are changin by the offhanded sadistic and greedy behavior of the powers that be...But they are not getting wise enough quick enough to save their children....I always wondered why conservatives hated the public school system, even when I was a conservative, as a child I went to a good school district so when I came to the Bible belt I was horrified by the Illiteracy and ignorance of the common person. So I sat and I watched and I realized a pattern.. People are uneducated here their faith is conservative and fundamental in religion, even if their religion is not Known for in other parts of the country to be excessively conservative..They vote in conservatives and they helped to dismantle the Unions, who though doing a Half-assed job to help these people were really the only ones going to bat for them..And again and again I see these Religious Institutions prostituting themselves for conservative politics with the hope that they will receive tax money to pay for the bloated mortgages on their mega-churchs. Selling out their poor bethren for power to create a Fascist religious Theocracy at best or control of welfare money to abuse the poor even more than they have already done by supporting the Conservative agenda.. It is a betrayal that even pales in comparision with Judases..Christ had the divine power to protect himself the poor do not.

So where have you gone Jesse, the Daltons and Dillenger we miss you So..,,

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