Saturday, April 14, 2007

one little piggy, two little piggy, three ect.

Well people are kvetching about fundie orgs that are aligning themselves with neo-nazi scientists like Mr. Cameron and his org...But instead of jews, gypsies,the mentally ill, physical disabled and gay people being lumped together as early twentieth century eugenics proponents did...They are begining with gays they are starting small and then will build up to final crescendo a purging of all the ungodly as identified to them by god. Read, Left Behind, if you wish to know if you are on the list or study the 20th Century Eugenics Movement. A movement that was invented at the turn of the century by the doctor brother of a fundementalist preacher and spread across the prairie by eugenic faires/revival meeting...Later on brought to German scientists by German American Doctor were it was married with Psuedo-scientific Antropological theory to form Nazi Doctrine... So the marriage of Fundies with questionable scientific theory is not new or a fad or them being mislead is a marriage going back to the turn of the century... the last century

Merry Part from the weather confused Hinterlands.....

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