Saturday, July 07, 2007

Never giv up!!!!!

Today I have reading about the live concert and how some people are wondering if it is a futile gesture towards helping Mama Earth..that it might not accomplish any thing...The thing about gesture metaphorical, political or literal is that they are things remembered later long in to the future by those who view it and at many times very effective on the ones that at the time were least able to do something about the problem being expounded by the gesture.

When I was young I remember a EArth DAy celebreation on the network TV channel I think it was ABC...It had all the newest stars Meryl streep and Beth Midler doing skits trying to reach middle america and give them the newest science about pollution and the destruction of the environment...So youngins if an oldster tells you they did not know about global warming and et al..when they voted for the trilogy of idiocy, REagan,Bush and Bush they are lying it was out there in prime time Family hour with with pretty Stars playing out skits that explained and made environmental science so family friendly even an evangelical could understand it..

I became an environmentalist because of it..Also the people who argue for using the Age old slash and burn technology of the past to develop the third world>Use such illogic in their arguments you wonder if they learned their debating skills at Liberty U.

At these venues you do learn alot of info about the small things you can do at home..During WW2 alot of homebound americans did little things that helped change the course of WW2..IN the battle to end the destruction of GAia it will also take alot of small things and inconveniencies to win..But it is not impossible and Live Earth is the way to get across to people that in everyday life you can make a difference ,for if not, then we either live in denial or swallow a bullet..

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