Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I hear a lot about female instability these days from neo-con friends and family... Rarely do I start the discourse as I believe fighting verbally with delusional people is rude and counter productive for their mental health. But I will protect myself and my beliefs I just know a lost cause when I see it...Daily I am inundated with cute little e-mail about Hillary and her candidacy..About her Female driven stupidity, illogic and emotional instability... there is a whole cottage industry based on attacking her and when all the rhetoric is stripped it is only really the fact that she does not have a cock is what bothers these people...Also that she is uppity to believe she is as competent as a male..

It made me wonder about Female instability, emotional and otherwise...When I am bored I watch crime shows usually documentary or real crime retellings of cases...It is a good way to gauge the moral fabric of a society and learn about regional social life(who are in power among the religious and political groups and who are the disenfranchised and thus easy targets to kill or scapegoat for a crime). I have noticed in the South that the homicide dectectives have a tendency when child murder or sex crime occurs. That if the spouse or parent have church affiliation, they head to the local High School and ask the students who they think did the crime...Usually the prep turns out to be an ascerbic young goth or anarchist...They are convicted on the evidence of their religious beliefs, political beliefs or dabbling in the occult...I am not saying that the occasional ascerbic young goth or anarchist does not commit a heinous crime but when push come to shove they always find one to fit the prep profile until it becomes so obvious that the good family member did it.

I was watching a shows on Oxygen and WE and heard some facts on how unstable a certain sex is 90% of violent criminals are MEN, 70% of murdered women are killed by the MEN they intimated with, Pregnant women greatest threat to her life is not medical but to be murdered by the MAN they are intimated with. 75% OF Male MURDER VICTIMS ARE KILLED BY MEN...AND YET IT IS FEMALE INSTABILITY that worries conservative men and women...Go Figure... MEN go ballistic everyday in heinous ways that led to the death of other men, women, and children and we are worried about female instablity because Britney shaved her head and Hillary looks like she might be a ballbreaker.... Sorry with the way crime stats are may-be we need a little ballbreaker including in international diplomacy....May-be men need to wake up and release the idea that they are not the little princes society and their mothers have hoisted on them..Having a cock does not make you better in fact is makes you more violent and emotionally unstable and may be someone with female Hormones will do a better and more realistic job running the country... Women are anything but realists especially after the age of 24..

Well maybe I should just stop reading my families e-mails, If I could I would just block them until Hillary is elected or gives it a noble try. But with the delusional you just do not now what will hurt their senstive feelings... obviously I am a feminist and a Goddess Worshipper sounds to them like an invitation to send all your crazy political and religious is as if conservatives only hear that crazy voice in their head when you are talking to them... The one that helps them formulate their political and religious beliefs, and so ignore any real life stats on crime and behavior and anything else concrete real and logical does not exist.

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