Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's in a name

well Ann Coulter is desperately trying to prove that Hair bleaching does effect the cognitive thought processes of ones brain... That can only be the reason she stated that using the F-word(one that slurs homosexual males) does not effect or upsets homosexuals it is just a schoolgirl taunt... Having seen a school girl hit in the face by another girl protecting her boyfriends honor in High School I can say that it is a dangerous taunt to use and can lead to a broken nose in some cases...I guess we can now also use the n-word for blacks, the c or g-word for asians. We can call jews the K-word and mixed race love the use of mutt or breed...We no longer need to worry, since these are now acceptable shoolyard taunts, they are now acceptable in mixed company....

I have always been amazed about conservatives and people living in the bible belt they are appalled by the of profane language but are not at all bothered by racial slurs... I grew up in Los Angeles and editing ones language for racial and ethnic slurs for me was a given...As misanthropic as I can be I am a people person when I want to be I like meeting intelligent people and talking to them especially people from other cultures. To me instead of being Traumatized by the word sh-t or f-ck or even geek upsets these people maybe they need to consider racial,ethnic slurs and slurs against gender and sexual orientation as profane.... maybe then people will start giving them the benefit of the doubt when they tell us how moral or holy they are.

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