Thursday, February 01, 2007

poetry day for the fire festival

Today I decided to give my blog a piece of my poetry instead of a piece of my mind. And to my friends yes I know that I am an opinionated, cranky, mean sarcastic slag on the internet and on my blogs and since starting them I have now a great deal of peace of mind. I donot write them to be inspirational and I do not care who reads them. To me they do for me what screaming out of a window did for all people in Network when Peter Finch implored them to shout I am not taking it anymore. If you want nice and serene and equanimity go find a Buddhist blog. Those things are not to be in my life's backpack in this lifetime around, I am learning that being a bitch can be great fun. NOw on with the poetry.

Going Home

The wind is my lover
Softly he caresses my cheek

When all is over
Soft will my Ashes blow

Beyond the leeward side
Return me to my lover

Beyond the Isle's sky
I shall pass over

Sophia not public domain December 1998 copyrighted

Ruminations while Stargazing

A hurried day
seems endless now

The quiet night
so far away

Forgotten dreams
spin in my mind

They whirl around
with anxious thoughts

Soon daylight peaks
and starts to wane

In twilight mist
a sight appears

Does calm my mind
and soothe my soul

A tinsel star glows
with the gloom

A rising cresent
start's it way

It charts a path
along the stars

That glow much
brighter in the sky

The twilight dies
a night is born

I see a void
Her glory grows

The darkness shows
Her proud black brow

Within the void
I hear a song

The planets spin
with lyric sound

All I see
night's fine dress

The beauty of
Her signature

From here to there
past everywhere

This day I learn
what is the truth

The universe's hand
held out

That Nature holds
us in Her palm

She is life
and life is sweet

sophia copyrighted March 1999 not public domain


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deborah oak said...

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