Friday, February 23, 2007

Pole and Polar bears

I was watching the News yesterday a Dangerous proposition to ones preception of reality in the good ole' USA... All the big democratic male white politicos were Kvetching about Hillary probably earlier before these broadcasts they frantically sent aides to search in thesauruses and dictionary for words that will obscure the true misogyny of their attitudes, words and message. The new catch-phrase is Polarizing. Hillary is polarizing a metaphor that shows a lush freudian slip these men have made in using this word... for to put it bluntly and crudely the only thing that makes Hillary polarizing is the fact that HILLARY LACKS A can see the frustration on these mens face when talking about Hil to them the only reason she is not viable is that she is a woman. I can just see a bubble above Edwards and et al. Of course she Is Political Dead weight SHE IS A WOMAN. For some reason women in the United States believe that Men will take care of them that deep down they care for the female sex. What these women mistake is that, yes, their fathers, brothers and husbands might love them and want to see them succeed, But they do not exactly want any other women to get uppity and think that they should expect what their little petunia's are getting. That is a serious mistake that will hamper women ever achieving any true political, social and financial power.

Polar bears are dying... I think that their will be a special bardo for us people who contributed to this crime..Soylent Green seems to be an option in our furture on earth I wonder if that is why you never see it on TV in the darkest hours of the night.

Haggard went to gayhab I hope that he finds a measure of peace and acceptance for himself because I know that in his chosen religion there will be none.

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