Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PEDOPHILIA, responsibilty and tragedy

I need to talk about something that many people do not understand and use to spread hatred and ignorance. The belief that pedophile can be Gay. That is not true that pedophiles are homosexual despite what the preacher tells you. A PEDOPHILE IS A PEDOPHILIAC THAT IS A PERVESION AND A DISEASE. A pedophile can prefer one sex over the other, girl-children over boys...but they do not have any aversion to the sexual assault of children not of their favorite type victims sex, because to them having sex with a child is paramount. Many are married and have sex with adults of the opposite SEx, that fact in itself should blow out of the water, the pedophiles are Gay theory .

Another disturbing tread the Catholic priests are gay. Used to excuse the pedophiliacs in the church. 30% of child molestation victims are Female of priests. We hear nothing about them because the church is putting a, Why they were gay!, spin on why this tragedy and crime occured. Also young girls are of little concern to the religious community except to badger with Abstinence pledges. Because of Eve the female sex must and should suffer in matters of sex by god's order. This accusation of Gayness makes it easy for intelligent women to excuse the churches anti-female stance and still quiet the fear , that maybe feminists are right, the church is too corrupt and too entrenched with anti-female sentiment to be saved or even to bother saving. All the anti-Female stuff can be excused with OF COURSE they are GAy. Accusing the priests of homosexuality allows all christian leaders to say to men that Jesus loves you don't go away it is the gays who are evil. Not the bible we are not anti hetorsexual sex just don't do it with good christian girl, unless married to her. Homophobia is providing the Christian Church with biggest responsiblity dodge since WE MUST KILL(pagans, jews and any one else), because god and the Book of Revelation says so. Yeah Xians are not big on personal or social responsibility when it comes to their religious organizations or literature. REad biblical law a nice essay on who to attack and kill when they piss us off. THAT IS LIFE IN THE BIG CITY.

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