Friday, February 02, 2007

Donuts and spare change

yesterday for Imbolc I went to VA hosp for some poking and prodding . It involved fasting. When it was over I went over to get a donut and to take my medication. When that horrible veteran hating communist (not my Description but Neo con friends and family) Clinton was in office I would have gone to the commissary and had a four dollar lunch, but the military loving ex-vet Bush got rid of that. So I went to get a free donut. Something happened that never happened before I got carded and the donut was stale. The women needed to see my VA card before giving me a cup of joe and a donut. Before these donuts were for Vets and family members and were always fresh. It was then that the despicable nature of the Shrub family was revealed. Is Bush so evil that we need to demand that his new uniform include a fake moustache, a cape and a top hat. Must we also demand that he change his name to LeGree.

Does he sit up at night and think up new ways to achieve villiany. WAS he brushing his teeth one day last month and said to himself, "All that donut money! Those disabled Vets do not need it they are getting free medical help anyway. Yes, I found a way to fund the surge, Cheney will be sooo proud of me!!

The only other scenario is that America is so bankrupt it must CAge money from Disabled vets Donut funds. Then we need to start taxing religious institutions for getting us in this mess with a Republican government. But then they would have to have a voice in government. Oh Gee Is not that what they are forcing on the American people NOw without the even paying one penny in taxes. There is something rude about a people that want run everything, but not help in paying for the upkeep. A little bit of an imperialistic attitude one would say. That does not mesh well with humility and goodness they keep telling us they are imbibed with.

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