Saturday, February 17, 2007

neo-cons, fundies and family

I make it a habit not to talk to neo-con family members about politics or religion...Because I do it as a courtesy and civilized behaviour. I simply do out of respect that they are blood...When Politics come up and they always do for a neo-con because like fundies they always believe that some story or e-mail that they believe is cute but really is an exercise in hate-spewing garbage is going to bring you back to the fold, I really try to grit my teeth and bear it... But since I have a blog I do believe that I can now describe and vent about how discourteous and uncivilized it is to send members of different political idealogues and religions beliefs, your political and religious tracts.

Today I recieved from three relations, three nasty anti-female and hate-driven e-mails about Hillary and her candidacy.... At first I was hurt because All these people know I am a feminist and that I am fond of Hillary...But then I decided that I will vote for Hillary...Why because when they the Clintons were in Office the first time they did a great job and second because I view sexism as great a crime as Anti-semitism and racism, not as a cute cultural anachronism.....So instead changing my mind with hate-spewed garbage that they view as cute parables of logic and common sense it made me realize that John Lennon was right that women are the nigger of the world... In case black people are offended, I am mixed race and using racism as an excuse for sexism is not going to work with me.... If white women want to co-opt civil rights for equal rights it is all right by me. I am not impressed by people of color spewing sexist hate-garbage at white women under to mantle we were victims of racism you are just neurotic white cows..... When they call you a Ho and Bitch in a Rap video they mean it about all women.. It aint cute street-talking eubonics for the urban set.

I really believe that only black belt feminism will save the world... The environment is reaching critical mass, as is the population. Men are confused and scared, they are re-pressing their fear and it is coming out in a hatred of women as though this is to them a show of strength... Unless women draw a line in the sand and say no more to pandering male ego, male religions and male financial structure(global economy) we are going to lose the future for future generations..... This is not a time for Race, REligion and Politics to Divide women, the children are counting on us.... and believe me races, religions and political institutions have no wish for us to be united... Forget about $5000 handbags and start thinking about what your children are to inherited because believe me the majority of men around you are not ....They are using your money to fund their world destructive dive into societal denial of the life and death struggle we are in..

IN the end it will likely be Our Mother saving us.

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