Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh for the life of me

I am going to talk about fashion again. It is strange yesterday there was nothing on TV so I watched the style channel and watched more or less what they were going to try to shove american women into this coming year. It was hysterical and shows again the lack of imagination among the elite when it comes to what professes to be taste. This year american women with money will be made to dress like 18-year old drugutantes and starlets. As I watched I could only think Paris will be happy for she will have realised that she has made her mark on the fashion world. I saw nothing on the catwalk that working women who do not fantasize about being in a rap video could wear. I know that fashion is a frivolous prusuit and despite The Devil Wears Prada it is not going to change the world to for the better at least the way they are right now, the color cerulean or not. But can not these people at least pretend that they think a woman has a brain and is not moonlighting when she gets out of bed.

I know America worships youth it is nothing new read F. Scott that was his mantra in the 20's and 30's. I do believe that the equating young women and whoredom does women everywhere a disservice and it makes for the next generation a harder time being taken serious in the real world. Youth and excess do not need to be held as synonomous descriptives. I have seen many young people with discipline and many are young girls.... If we hold up to our young women the example of only whore or virgin than it is societies fault that they fail... Yes Style makers you are part of society and you need to step up to bat when it comes to responsiblity.... You love taking credit for a societal trend but when it goes bad you run from responsibility of starting it, quicker that deadbeat father on child support day.

Sitting here in the hinterlands of America I run across alot of people who think because they parK their arses on a pew every sunday they are superior to the rest of america, the heartland. My husband always says well they are close to the area but it is more like under the arm.(and he is a Native). These people are not offering young women any positive reinforcement besides signing Abstinent pledges which will give their young boyfriends more incentive to pop their cherries. Nothing like getting a girl to break a pledge to boost a guys ego.

I do not believe that adults have young people best interests at heart. If they did they would not start wars or vote in cretins that believe pollution is good for the environment. No children,,, adults and parents have their own agenda not your wellbeing at heart Why? Because adults have convinced themselves that the agenda is your well being and also the said well being of the rest of the world. Rarely do they ask themselves any searching logical, ethical and moral questions. Rarely do They believe that the agenda might be all right for them but bad news to others..... The sad fact is that the agenda is usually as much poison to these adults as to everyone else....Would we live in a pollution ridden world with people buying Hummers if the agenda was really a beneficial set of beliefs.... The sixties and military service taught me to question authority.... Especially the ones raising you.

Good-Bye from the HINTERLANDS.

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