Sunday, February 04, 2007

The urge to notify

Why is there a need among certain so-called free thinkers to tell us how terrible something is?. That is being hidden in society and promulgated by a group of elite people believing themselves good, yet are devils handpeople. These people always make certain everyone knows they are feminists or live on the street or did something related to the evil so that they are an expert at the thing they are exposing or not that, then an expert at the people either engaged in the said evil or promulgating it. I grew up in the sixties and so I seen this going on with drugs. It is an update on the, I smoked a joint got hit by a car, testimonial we heard as teenagers. What we were thinking, as this was being told to us, was do not walk in the street when high, you will get run over. I did not think that pot was 100% to blame and why did not the car stop when it saw the pedestrian.

Unfortunately I and many others have an incurable disease: logic. People who are studying or profess to be pagan are caught having killed somebody.... The local procescutor immediately associates the religious practices as causing said murder.... Why? Because there is nothing a prosecutor likes to tell a good christian jury more is that the criminal defendant is a worshipper of a decadent and evil religion. Since using this technique on jewish criminal defendants is passe', all these prosecutors hate mongering WAS tempered but then came WICCA and other PAGANS and the ability to accuse a minority of evil returned. So welcomed is this new opportunity for city government to practice a hate crime it has been taken up with a zeal matched only by redneck on GAy pride day.

Please future non-fiction writers of america. Feminsts have a right to be goddess-worshippers or atheists, MS. Denfield, you have the right to practice illogic.... But if you are going to make arguement about something, then please head to a logic class forthwith.

Blaming crime on the PAGAN RELIGIONS is ignorant and shows that a person is imbibed with lazy thinking.... Also HATE-MONGERING .... Unfortunately this is the same behaviour that Romans used to excuse persecuting the Christians and christians use to presecute any and everyone else....

No religion has a monopoly on crime, although there are in the prison systems population a greater percentage of people raised christian or profess to be christian that in the regular world. I would think, religion caused the crime prosecution would be something that christains would shy away from considering how many of their adherents commit crimes.

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