Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh well and Oh hell

politics in America is showing itself to be ever Illogical and alot like religious Dogma all said must be taken with a grain of salt. Unfortunately there is not enough bitters in the world to make this much salt palatable..... Sometimes do you not wish you could be a character in a fantasy novel a go hiking and end up in the fey realm and just chilll with beings that can tell you this to will pass and you believe them because they are immotal and saw the same shenanigans going on in ancient AThens during election time...

So now a black man is not black enough... A female politician is not feminist enough and a man who had his city hit by two large scale terrorist attacks is hunky-dory.... Oh Well I thought Limbuagh was on drugs what is the problem with the rest of the media...... Edwards has caved into Xian fascists..... But that does not surprise me after his wife's below the belt attack (she is just lucky none of edwards chippees have surfaced yet to be acting holier than Hillary.)

I now know what drove Alec Baldwin's Infamous Getting out DOdge statement if Bush won.... It was a disgust for what passes for Logic at around election time that pissed him off.... Maybe it is the campaign commercials being created right now maybe they do have Theta waves or beta waves that scramble the brain I need to talk to my paranoid brethren about that, maybe they are paranoid and right, like on the bumper-sticker.

For people of reason now a collective Ommmmm must be said for it is election season and it loooks like a doozy and the floozies have not come out of the closet (female or male) as of yet....

I will add a good thing I hope my tulips all come out this season last year only a quarter bloomed and we had only one frost the winter before... When people complain to me about the weather I always think about my bulbs and appreciate the cold without them and the snow I would living in a So. CA. bible belt Yeckkk... Oh that is florida.

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