Monday, January 15, 2007

Clothes, Corsets, Goths and burdens

I need to write that my disillusion with fashion stems for reading a great deal of feminist and renunciate literature in my youth. I realise that fashion is something that is in the core of women. Over the centuries it has always been woman who made and created fashion, the 20th century male fashion designer in womens clothing was non-existent until industrialization of western society. By studying mens affect on women clothing one sees a disturbing trend starting in the renaissance, of women bodies being reshaped by men and corsets. With industrialization comes a hatred of the natural and love for what can be created by industry. The environmnt must be tamed reshaped along with the human body.The hatred of the natural body of a women is seen in the extreme disfigurement of the female body that reaches its height in victorian times in the west and now it has returned with the worship of the anorexic by runway designers. But to be fair men in the past also reshaped their bodies with the same devils contraption the corset. WE hear a great deal about the stupidity of women and corsets but Victorian males were just as addicted to theirs. The trend of anorexia as a beauty ideal is also crossing genders.

My belief is that the culture mavens, the powers that be really do not want to see people happy and satisfied (let us not expect fullfillment). Why, are they so naturally evil or is that at night when they go to sleep, in million dollar mansions and/or condos, is there a hole in their souls. Does this hole so bother them that to see a happy and content poor person bothers them to no end. Is the need for them to have asthetic beauty so unnatural and plastic that it seems to be unattainable to every one, except those with money, who can make them richer and obsessive/compulsive teenagers. Is this the true goal of their professional existence.

To wear clothes is political statement as great as not wearing them. I see goths everyday and as a young adult longed to be brave enough to be punk. Today I cannot wait to be small enough to shop at Hot Topic and embrace the dark side. In the Bible Belt the most subversive thing you can do is either wear a pentacle or dress as a Goth. I love Goth Kids and admire them, they are truely brave. Although I admire her charity work I do so miss Angelina's goth alter -ego.

I realise when I look at some fashion mags that looking like a tasteful expensive clone is their end all and be all (Glamour a big felon in this). Much creativity is disappearing in Women. Fashion is becoming a uniform of conformity to good taste and over consumptive spending. Do we really need a 5000 dollar handbag. Maybe the rich need to spend more on taxes. They do use airports and the toilet. Maybe they should be made to pay an unfair share taxes like the poor and middle class. Why when we talk about fairness and not overburdening people it is the rich and corporate america who make it sound like they are one step away collaspsing from the weight of their burden. If you do not wish to be socially responsible, then giveaway your money and try being poor, you will love to be in a high tax bracket after that experience. If you refuse to pay your burden, then give up all wealth you made off the american people and go live somewhere else. No one ever became wealthy in a vacuumn it was off the backs of someone else that true wealth is accomplished. You can at least pay for the some of the chiropractor bills of those people.

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