Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Man-hating, Feminist and relationship.

I always wondered as a young adult why there was a word in the English language for the hatred of women and it is a pretty and fancy word. Yet, women are only allowed manhater or thanks to Rush( president of the little wee wee club) femi-nazi. It seems that some men were so proud of their woman hating that they need a fancy term to justify it. Why he is not a man who hates women, that's gay, He is a mysognist. May- be it is just that before women got book learnin it was way to hide from some poor future wife or mother-in-law the true nature of a man.

But do feminists hate men or is it the behaviour that some men do and the attitudes of these men been taught and developed, that feminist hate. Yeah women are and were oppressed and so there are bitter feminists. Then there are the feminist that know, yes, men can be so much more better, I prescribe to that philosophy. I found that as with any relationship, if you need to pander the person and stroke their ego when it is already large to begin with then unhappiness will reign in the relationship.

Number one marriage for me was case in point. A man who cannot respect their partner and find at least one talent worth bragging to the world. The need for that man to continue telling you nasty things in hope of improving your character bodes badly for the relationship. If a man needs to improve you it means you are not the person he wants or really cares for. It is that future somebody is the apple of his eye. Having been on the recieving end of that behaviour I Can tell women who like save men or view them as projects. The men you are with know that it is not them you love , but that future somebody and that is what is making them so angry.

Husband Number two is different Why because A. like him and B> I never hid my feminism .
C. Having worked in the middle East he knew everything in MS. magazine was correct.
If a man does not believe women are oppressed forget it . IT means he doesnot believe women are people and he will always have a reason for why he comes first. This is not a case of education or intelligence but of attitude and when a dealing with a person as any mother of a teenager knows attitude is paramount in getting through to the individual.

A feminist can have a loving relationship with a man and a heterosexual male can love a feminist. neither is exclusive of the other. Despite what some Snake oil salesmen maquerading as female psychotherapists say Men are not a HOt house flower that need you to constanly fertilize them . Men don't need Bullshit: They need an ally, like you do. If your freinds are your support then why are you in a relationship go out and have fun. Fondness, Friendship and Fucking will always save and maintain a relationship. If he needs a keeper and a handler then he doesnot want a wife.

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