Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fashion Angst and money morals

steppe wanderer

Today I was surfing the web and hit a couple of fashion mag sites. I like fashion because to be honest part of me is shallow and likes pretty clothes even if they are made by slave labor. It is like diamonds I think they are beautiful but since the 80's I have not looked at them seriously to buy because of the amount of human pain that goes on in producing them. To be honest fur coats are pretty but again I am not saving up for the pure reason of the pain factor it takes to produce it. But regular clothes and steak for some reason I can find a way to ignore the pain factor. I am not a person who believes that because I eat a hamburger, it is all of a sudden premissable; I can and should wear a mink coat or a blood diamond, sometimes a line must be drawn in the sand of of morality and personal responsibility to the world and an adherence to causing as little pain and harm while existing in the world. The greatest gift I have been given in the world is the lack of wealth. To some people in the world I am poor but to many others I am very wealthy. I do not have a great deal of disposable income and so for me I am extremely lucky that true immoral behaviour is out of my reach. I will never have to worry that I have paid for a purse or a pair of shoes an amount of money that most Thai families do not earn in a single year.

Here in America there is an obsession with the accumulation of wealth even churches are getting involved with seminars and workshops. ON how to get cherry with Christ and be a miser. I do not know how Christ is viewing this obsession among his followers but I do not think having read his words in the Bible that he is very happy about it.

So I believe that we need a new movement in which Obsessive and obscenely large amounts of money owned by people is viewed as moral deficient and anathema to the human spirit. Obscene wealth and spending should be viewed with the same distaste as Pedophilia and Racism. Maybe them the human race will start to learn personal responsibility and grow up.

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