Monday, May 05, 2008

immigrants and illegality

I am a radical when it comes to political and social beliefs, but with illegal immigration and bilingualism I fight to have reasonable belief and not fascist ones. I grew 1st generation American in the barrio and it was tough. Had my father not been an NCO and later worked for the post office and my parents stayed together my life would have been a brief episode of Cops. I would have known the true meaning of trailer trash.

The problem with illegal immigration does not lie with the immigrant. But with the massive business structure that surround the hiring and moving of the immigrant into the country. These people are not nice and many are mob bosses. the simple way to end illegal immigration is for big business to return factories to America. Get the American worker their jobs back and to have Big business and Us government open across the border offices and in Asia to sponsor people who qualify for the need to immigrate for special jobs that pay lower for the first five years, but then allow full green card status. This should allow the us government to track the immigrants concerning breaking the law and having them sign pledge for no signing up for assistance for the first five years.

What makes us children of WW2 immigrants angry at liberals that they want to give illegal immigrants a free ride. to get into America even at the turn of the century one needed sponsorship of a church, company, relation who had a residency or citizenship. At WW2 when people were starving immigrants waited for years in refugee camps for sponsorship into any country. Also the immigrants needed to sign a pledge not to apply for public assistance for 10 years. So to complain about how bad illegals have it they have it as bad as thieves and drug addicts and other lawbreakers. They are Illegal entrants in this country and not immigrants.

Well I tried to be reasonable I know that the poor are not to blame for their poverty, but even in America there is no free ride..

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