Friday, April 18, 2008

of poems and poetry

I like to get on the Poem of the Week because though I am a poet I rarely read or by other poets books. I have read Steinbeck early poems and Robert Frosts those I enjoyed but I am not impressed by TS Elliot. In my heart I prefer more baroque poets like Coleridge and Donne, Blake I have only read a minuscule amount but I wish to buy some more collections of his works. Yeats is a God and so is Rumi. As a child my father had an rare old book of Omar Kayain's ( if misspelled forgive me). It seems to me that the minimalism so popular and returning again in art is truly an excuse for sloppy art because as my dad used to say if it is good then you don't need a critic to talk you into liking the art.

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