Saturday, May 03, 2008

lying liars

well every one is running around with a chicken with their heads cut of over the fact that a women and a black man are running for president and both have a good chance...but sexism is rising as liberal men show their true colors in screaming that Hillary should quit using everything not making the party devisive, to stay in the kitchen patronage barely veiled(as if she would not know want to do when an emergency call comes in at three in the morning obviously they think she should be servicing mister Clinton or sleeping in New york like a good little hausfrau senator.

Hillary is a liar well all politicians lie and that is a good thing because being in the military and working in a government position for a few months I learned that most of the people do not want to hear the truth they want a slick and easy solution to their problems they face in running the country. No politician is ever going to admit what happened to the 2 trillion surplus we had at the end of the Clinton reign.....But because of that surplus I know Hillary knows what it takes to get the US out of debt. Obama was a one term senator He has no experience on Capitol Hill. Nothing with working to get the Us out of debt. I do not believe that he has the toughness to deal with what Bush, his oil cronies and the evangelicals have done to America.

I am not racist but simply a realist. do you want to go with experience player or put the country in the hands of a wild card.

merry part and blessed be

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