Monday, March 03, 2008

rumbling and tumbling

well on the east coast eco-terrorist are acting up by burning a bunch of supposedly eco-friendly mansions. Much ado is being made by the locals while the feds are keeping their cards close to their pockets stating that no incendiary devices were found while the local fire dept disagrees. Elf did it and I know these people mean well, but I wish they leave the elves out of their misguided effort to clean up the earth because soon someone is going to die.

every day there seems to be another shootout somewhere in an office, a mall, a school, or a university. Is it that earth and America has reached it's limit in population in which people may live sanely. Maybe we need Population Zero commercials again with superstars, stars and starlets without bumps pleading some common sense to us in heartland. Maybe that will get rid of the 16 and one more on the way idiocy shows the learning channel enjoys to put on the weekend.

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