Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tibet and mongolia

I get extremely angry when I think about China and our relationship as a country with her or him. It makes me ashamed that we support a communist stalinist country..All those mall are in the city the peasant and they are still peasants are working in the country and starving or in not sweat shops but slave Tibet formerly a free country, people are being gunned down by a foreign occupier. Religious leaders in the west click their tongues while secretly relived that China is doing for them what America will not need to do in the future getting rid of heavy competition. As Tibet is the only country to be converted to pacifism by a religion, no not even that but a philosophy.

I hate the fact that to be a green-friendly, fair trade buying person is impossible for anyone but the upper class and they love to flaunt it..Blaming us poor lower class fat shulbs for the problem as consumers but never giving us affordable humane substitute..What started this rant is I was doing laundry and I looked at the back of the tag that said Marianas, USA, up front and I saw with a pen written Dar fur. Someone snapped with that shirt and wrote the truth....Good for them...

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