Sunday, December 10, 2006

Walking in a Winterland

Now is the winter of my discontent..... Not this year though business ventures have failed and We are financially in a bucket strangely I am in a good mood. maybe venting on the net is psychologically satisfiying and good... I hear so many bad things said about modern life but my honest belief is the toilet, runningwater and airconditioning trump everything mankind have created,including watching the resurrection and the Fall of Troy. I have a appreciation of modern life given to me by spending many a summer in state and national park living without these gifts of civilization. But I do wish I could see something of the past it would be to the medditerrean when it had spruce forests covering it. America before industialization. Those parts of the past I do Idealize and wish to see. But I do not wish to live in the past only to return earth, nature and wildlife to its healthy and pristine state of being, before Yahweh gave us Earth to do what we will, Without Her permission. I honestly believe that humankind can be technologically advanced and live on a ecologically sound and healthy world. I believe It will cost money to create this world but unlike conservatives I do not believe in living in my mothers house for free and not cleaning up after myself. That is what my little two story house is for.

I personally do not wish to live in time or place though they still exist in many places on earth, where I am only considered a repository for male sperm. People who think the present is nasty and bleak and perverted I have bad news for you, the past was also nasty and bleak and perverted to at times. We do not remember because chances are we weren't born and did not experience it or were young and too naive to understand it. OH well. I had a psychologist tell me once that an adjustment in attitude could change the dimension in which one lives. Norse believe it can also change the past as well as the present to them time is fluid not a river flow but an ocean tide ebbing and flowing.

This Solstice will be spent working on the ground work of the infamous New Year Resolution. Drum Rolllllllllllllll LOSING WEIGHT. Tada. Hopefully I can spend more time in an personally adjusted attitude instead of a reactive attitude.

Thank the Gods no one has wished me a merry christmas. Probably because I decided how to reply this year and I am not letting out the signals of an insecure rabbit. No one is pouncing on me for saying Happy Holiday to them like last year. If someone says Merry Christmas to me I say Thank you. Succint and to the point and the greeting is intiated by the other party. I feel very comfortable this year. Next Year if aforementioned policy works I will get in the Solstice Zone by imaging myself as Sweden in the War on Christmas.

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