Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cards Carrots and Renunciates.

well The christmas war front seems quiet. But then This year I am firing the first salvo in the trench wars of religious ideology clashing, My holiday cards were unrepentant in their Heathen appreciation of the Yule Season. My husband was amusing today as we shopped for our Solsitice gift to each other this year I got a juicer I am going to explore the raw food diet... I have always wanted to be a Vegetarian and very much admire Vegans. I have only been able to be a vegetarian for three years in my life. In my mid-twenties when I gave up smoking and took up long distance running I was a lacto-vegetarian with occasional lapses with egg products for two years and two years ago I quit smoking again and was a vegetarian for a year as I started working out again. I very much lack extended focus in staying vegetarian as I donot believe that I should force my dietary beliefs on my husband who is a unrepentant carnivore who tries to be a omnivore whenever I vegg-out.

To me vegetarianism is a spiritual choice not just a dietary one being a Vegan to me is part and parcel in living a spiritual life, one good way along the path of being a modern world renunciate. It seems everytime I quit being a veg is when I get entangled with buddhism I start not wanting to be a pain in the ass and revert to omnivorism. I would like some help and tips anecdotes and old fashion advice from modern day spiritualists and mystics on how to incorporate spiritual vegetarianism in to my life and not be a pain in the ass or a matyr. I always thought a happy renunciate is a good role model may be that is why I am attracted to Tibetan Buddhism, their monks and nuns are always so calm and happy. Some are even downright jolly despite their troubles.

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